"People think the leadoff spot is a big deal. I
tell people you’re going to lead off the first inning,
and after that, you can be a No. 4 hitter or No. 3

Andruw Jones, Braves outfielder

"I know what I can do. I can do everything — run,
hit, throw, everything. I don’t feel pressure. I just
have to do my job."

Richard Hidalgo, Astros outfielder


"I know I have to quiet some of the critics.
Everybody is saying I’m old, but I don’t feel I am. I
want to prove that when I’m healthy, I can do the
things I could do when I was 25 or 30."

Devon White, Diamondbacks outfielder

"I just keep on ticking. If my legs hold out, and
I can still swing the bat the way I can, I want to play
two more years after this one."

Tim Raines, Yankees outfielder

"If it doesn’t work out, nothing lost. I go home
the way I was. But, at least I’ll know."

Dave Stieb, on his comeback attempt

"I exercise but I don’t watch what I eat. I eat
everything. I don’t know why. I’ve been blessed that I
don’t have to worry about eating."

Otis Nixon, Twins outfielder

"Put it this way, you know how some guys have a
hard time walking away from this game? I’m not one of
them. That you can believe. When my days are done
playing the game of baseball, you won’t have to worry
about me trying to hang on."

Terry Pendleton, at Royals camp


"Our biggest challenge is to leave here with a
25-man team and not 25 individuals. By team, I mean
people who can compete and win."

Larry Rothschild, Devil Rays manager

"He’s a lot like Tony [La Russa], or I’ll say
Tony’s a lot like him. They’re both very detail-oriented
and very meticulous in what they do. I’m used to it, so
it’s nothing different for me."

Andy Benes, Diamondbacks pitcher, on manager
Buck Showalter

"There came a point where I wish they had run out
of balls."

Art Howe, A’s manager, on his team giving up
41 runs in three games

"Running more doesn’t do you any good. You’ve got
to be successful more."

Johnny Oates, Rangers manager

"On this club, he’s another professional that
helps with the chemistry."

Ray Miller, Orioles manager, on infielder
Ozzie Guillen

"What makes a good leadoff hitter? Deion Sanders
had speed, but he wasn’t the ideal leadoff hitter. What
was his on-base percentage? The criteria shouldn’t be
speed, it should be getting on base."

Jack McKeon, Reds manager


"From a pure on-paper standpoint, we should
compete with anybody."

Sal Bando, Brewers GM

"Right now, we’ve got the market cornered on
position players. We could score 18 runs a game, and
the way things are going, we might need them."

John Hart, Indians GM

"It just seemed like an interesting idea."

Billy Beane, A’s GM, on signing Kevin
to a minor league contract


"[Jeff] Blauser was a fan favorite and a clubhouse
favorite, but if we can replace him with anybody, I
think everybody’s first choice has been Walt [Weiss]."

Chipper Jones, Braves infielder

"There is no second baseman in the game who can
turn the double play better [than Mark Lemke]. Why are
people always looking for offense at that position?
What’s more important is getting outs, and turning the
double is a huge factor in getting outs."

Tom Glavine, Braves pitcher


"I sit around today and think, ‘Why would anybody
work who didn’t have to work?’ Why would anybody leave
their families if they didn’t have to?"

Brett Butler, retired player

"I don’t think I was inflicting any danger on
myself or others on the road. I was feeling fine. I had
a couple of beers."

Bernard Gilkey, Mets outfielder, on DUI

"The feeling I get is they have no confidence in
my ability, and if that’s the case I think they should
release me."

Lenny Dykstra, Phillies outfielder

"Fox will be an excellent owner for the Dodgers
and they will make many contributions to the industry
and the game of baseball."

Peter O’Malley, Dodgers owner

"A swing is like a car. You’ve got the fan belt,
carburetor, pistons, spark plugs, fuel pump. If any
part isn’t working, the car doesn’t run. Same way with

Wade Boggs, Devil Rays infielder

"I’ll give up some money. You only need so much.
I love it here and want to stay here. If we could get
something done that is a good deal for them, I’d like
to do it."

Joey Hamilton, Padres pitcher, on staying in
San Diego

"If you can shut your brain off, that’s usually
the people who are most successful."

Scott Karl, Brewers pitcher

"The National League is a lot more of a team game.
It seems like everybody on the team is more involved."

Tom Candiotti, A’s pitcher

"Bing Crosby is still singing ‘White Christmas’ on
recordings and it hasn’t diminished his memory one iota.
Harry [Caray] singing is an integral part of the Wrigley
Field experience."

Steve Stone, Cubs announcer

"If I can just stay in the lineup this year, I’ll
be fine."

Gary Sheffield, Marlins outfielder

"We’re going to have to score runs to help the
pitching staff."

Sean Berry, Astros infielder

"My whole goal in the offseason was to sign with
the Indians. At this point in my career, it’s all about
winning and that’s what this team is about. I feel I’ve
been accepted by the guys and I’m looking forward to an
exciting year."

Dwight Gooden, Indians pitcher

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