"It’s value for value. Their tools are very similar. The guy we got in
return is a little older. But he’s got less left on his contract. So it’s a
good tradeoff."

Ed Wade, Phillies GM, on Rob Ducey, traded away before the end of one
homestand and traded for in time for the next

"With the release of the ‘Hollow Man,’ I figure it was just some government
scheme to test out invisibility on humans. He was actually here the whole
time. We just didn’t know it. If you see advertising for the movie go up in
the stadium, you heard it here first."

Doug Glanville, Phillies outfielder

"I was trying to explain to Chris Brock that the Phillies got an extra guy
out of this. He figured, ‘No we didn’t, ’cause you were here.’ But I said
it was like Mickey was traded for me, and I got traded for, uh, I don’t
know who."

— Ducey, Phillies outfielder


"I screwed up. I’m very sorry. It was a bad play, a mental lapse. It
shouldn’t have happened, but I’m glad we won."

Benny Agbayani, Mets outfielder, on catching Bobby Estalella‘s fly out for
the second out and handing a ball to a fan, allowing an extra run to score

"Everyone was screaming a collective, `Benny!’ at the top of their lungs.
But to no avail. Obviously this was one of those mental blocks."

Todd Zeile, Mets infielder

"I was actually laughing. If it happened to me, I’d feel bad too, so I
guess I can’t really laugh. It happens to everybody."

— Estalella, Giants catcher


"I’m stunned. I don’t get surprised too often, but I was surprised.
Hopefully, he will help us win a game."

Joe Torre, Yankees manager, on hearing the Yankees had added Jose
on a waiver claim

"We are very aggressive on the way we claim players. Essentially, we got a
player for nothing."

Brian Cashman, Yankees GM

"I would have thought they could have gotten some Twix bars or something
for the kitchen."

— Canseco, Yankees DH, on finding out the Yankees had not had to make
a trade to pick him up


"It’s nice to get eight innings under my belt and help the team win. I’m
2-0 in my last two starts, so I can’t complain."

Adam Eaton, Padres pitcher, on beating the Marlins

"He’s shown facets of his game that for a 22-year-old with 10 starts or 11
starts or whatever it is under his belt, it’s well beyond his years. You
don’t want to get too crazy over it, but I’m pleasantly surprised. He has
the ability to bust open the radar gun when he needs to. He can reach back
and get a little extra."

Trevor Hoffman, Padres pitcher, on Eaton

"This was as good of a pitcher as I’ve seen all year. I don’t know who’s
pitched a better game against us with the stuff to go along with it."

John Boles, Marlins manager, after losing to Eaton


"You just have to keep your defense separate from your offense."

Mike Lamb, Rangers infielder, who made an error and hit three doubles in
a win over the Blue Jays

"The Reds last year were just an awesome team. They pounded us here — I
mean, just pounded us. We came in here late and they beat us unmercifully."

— Boles, expressing surprise his team swept a series
against the Reds in Cincinnati

"We’re malfunctioning right now. We need to get back and establish our
pitching again. The only good thing is that we’ve maintained our lead
throughout this whole thing."

— Torre, on losing 3 of 4 to the Mariners in a homestand

"It sure took a long time, too long. Tomorrow I wake up and I’m 2-10. But
for today, it feels good."

David Cone, Yankees pitcher, on picking up his second win

"Obviously, there’s not a better feeling in the world than hitting a home
run. It’s even a better feeling to hit one in the big leagues."

Aubrey Huff, Tampa Bay infielder, on his first major-league home run

"When you get two strikes, you’re in there having a major, major battle. I
just said I wasn’t going down without a fight. We’ve been letting too many
opportunities like that slip away."

Will Clark, Cardinals infielder, on drawing a two-out bases-loaded walk
in the 12th inning to beat the Brewers 2-1

"You know, when you’re only hitting .190 and you get three hits and you
haven’t had many at-bats, you know your average is going to go up. So I
took a peek. And it was up there."

Jeff Huson, Cubs infielder, on going four-for-four to raise his batting
average to .239

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