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“I’m taking more calls deflecting these kinds of rumors than I’ve had talking to GMs. There are freaking geeks who get…off on this kind of stuff.”
–Brewers GM Doug Melvin

“I think I’ll be here. I think I’ll be an Oriole and I want to be an Oriole. You don’t want players that don’t want to be here, and I want to be here.”
–Kevin Millar, on his future with the Orioles.

“I think that’s a cliche when guys say they don’t watch TV and don’t read the papers. Everybody reads the papers and everybody watches ESPN. Every guy in this locker room is a baseball player, and they know what’s going on. There may be one or two percent of guys that once they leave this locker room, they go into a shell.”
–Millar (Spencer Fordin,

“I use this as a great time for trying things The challenges of it are really what motivate me in this job. I’ve also never feared short-term pain when there’s long-term gain in there.”
–Athletics GM Billy Beane (Tim Brown, YahooSports!)

“There are certain stats throughout the course of the year that probably won’t be patterns over the course of a year or over the course of three to five years. You can’t explain everything in this game.”
–Indians manager Eric Wedge


“We’re getting better. In this division, we’re going to have to get a lot better, but we’re heading in the right direction.”
–Royals manager Buddy Bell

“OK, if I have to load up on Vicodin and get out there and play on Sept. 30, I will be there. Definitely. My last day as a Royal will not be limping around on crutches.”
–Mike Sweeney, Royals captain.

“Everything else is just a matter of seeing how it works out. Neither John nor Jason are swinging the bat very well right now, but they’re both doing a nice job of catching.”
–Bell, on his catchers, Jason LaRue and John Buck (Bob Dutton, Kansas City Star)


“I’m going to stay optimistic.”
–D’Backs outfielder Eric Byrnes

“If it doesn’t get done, it still doesn’t mean that I’m not coming back. What it does mean is there’s a much bigger chance that I won’t be back. That’s reality.”
–Eric Byrnes

“Who knows? Something could happen in the offseason. But when you get to the offseason, we’re talking about dealing with 29 other teams as well. That’s why I’m hoping we can get it done now.”
–Byrnes (Nick Piecoro, Arizona Republic)


“I’ve never been the blond at the end of the bar, I’m not even worth $3 in fantasy baseball.”
–Tigers closer Todd Jones

“I have a very low perception of myself on some things. Like baseball.”

“I’d certainly never make anyone forget about Goose, but I’ve proven you don’t have to have dominant stuff to close. I used to throw harder than I do now, but nothing like Goose.”

“I’m missing about 15. It’s a growing work of art.”
–Jones, on his massive collection of game balls.
(Tom Gage, Detroit News)


“It was a great conversation. At least he expressed it. Every manager loves players that don’t want to come out of the game. He didn’t come in complaining. He was expressing that he didn’t like coming out. It was kind of a ‘get it off your chest’ good. He’s fine with everything.”
–Reds interim manager Pete Mackanin

“I understand a lot of situations. I’ve got it. I’m not dumb. We just talked about some situations. [In a] one-run game, I’ve got it. Sometimes, though, in the seventh inning, there’s a lot of game left.”
–Adam Dunn, on whether or not he is dumb.

“‘It’s not that I think you’re a bad outfielder. Hopper is going to get to more balls and has better range. It’s that easy. It’s not that we think you’re going to drop balls.'”
–Mackinan, on what he said to Dunn.

“It’s important for them to know that I’m approachable. I prefer if they have a problem, come in and talk to me and I’ll do what I can. I think players like a personal touch. It’s more important for me to talk to the guys that aren’t playing well and show them you’re not mad at them.”

“He’s an easy guy to talk to.”

“I knew Dan O’Brien couldn’t get enough of you.”
Ken Griffey Jr., reacting to the rumors Dunn had been traded to the Brewers, employers of ex-Reds GM Dan O’Brien.(Mark Sheldon,


“You feel like you should beat teams that aren’t quite as strong in terms of record.”

–Andy Pettitte, on the Yankees’ need to stay in wild-card race.

“I said to Alex, ‘You’re not the guy anymore.'”

–Yankees manager Joe Torre, on new Yankee legend Shelley Duncan, who hit two homers on Sunday. (Judy Battista, The New York Times)

“I was surprised that this happened. But I’m positive. I know something good is going to come out of this. I’m real positive and I leave my career in God’s hands.”
–former Yankees catcher Wil Nieves, who was hitting .164/.190/.230 before the Yanks replaced him with Jose Molina.


“I write ‘Jesus.’ That’s what I write when I go over there.”

–Nats infielder Ronnie Belliard, on what he writes in the dirt behind second base before games. (Michael Phillips,

“Lefties are hitting .151 off this guy and Granderson is in a great groove. But I was afraid that if I played him, (Santana) is the type of guy who could get him out of his groove and possibly affect him for a right-hander.”
–Tigers manager Jim Leyland (Tom Gage, Detroit News)

“I see a lot of outs. Too many for my liking. I see things that I’m not really that pleased with, but I also see some positives. And if I can tweak one or two things, it can create a positive effect on everything else.”
–Raul Ibanez, Seattle Mariners outfielder.

“It just goes to show you it wasn’t true and how corrupt the umpiring system is. They can make a statement, and that means it’s true.”
–Gary Sheffield, on a roll.(Tom Gage, Detroit News)

“I said to Jerry [bench coach Jerry Manuel], ‘He’s going to get a hit here. He’s going to come through and do it for his dad.’ I get those feelings sometimes–and sure enough, the next pitch he got a hit on. So I’m happy for him because he’s been in Triple-A and he’s been around a while.”
–Mets manager Willie Randolph on Chip Ambres’ game-winning hit.

“If you don’t want Farnsworth in the eighth, who do you want?”
–Joe Torre (

“If I’m on a team with a guy, that’s something I’ll do for him. I’ve always been that way.”
–Marlon Anderson, on letting Brad Penny know he was tipping his breaking ball to the entire league.(Tim Brown, YahooSports!)

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