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Everything you’ve heard is true.

  • Player          EqA      RaP*

    Joe Girardi .275 11th Mark Grace .312 7th Eric Young .287 7th Shane Andrews .263 14th Ricky Gutierrez.304 3rd Henry Rodriguez.277 17th Damon Buford .269 13th Sammy Sosa .330 6th

    *RaP: Rank at Position

    Yeah, Don. Sammy’s your problem.

  • Speaking of Chicago, the
    Support-Neutral rankings are back online. Here are the top five starters in baseball through Wednesday:

    Pitcher         SNW   SNL  SNPct   W  L    RA     APW   SNVA  SNWAR

    Randy Johnson 8.7 1.3 .871 9 1 1.79 3.45 3.63 4.44 Pedro Martinez 7.8 0.5 .936 8 2 1.16 3.43 3.47 4.25 James Baldwin 6.1 2.3 .729 9 1 3.18 1.70 1.84 2.53 David Wells 6.7 3.2 .673 10 2 3.66 1.61 1.64 2.46 Kevin Brown 5.8 2.2 .728 4 2 2.81 1.69 1.64 2.40

    One of these things is not like the others…

  • I’m a baseball guy, but I’m also a Northeast guy, so forgive me for
    bringing this up here: is there anything as cool as overtime in the Stanley
    Cup finals?

  • Before the "Todd Helton for MVP" craze gets too out of
    hand, let’s try and stop its momentum here:

    Name                  EQA    EqR   RAR   RAP

    Mark McGwire .377 42.4 30.1 21.4 Todd Helton .345 40.4 25.7 15.4

    As a general rule, you need to be the best player at your position in your
    league to be the MVP. Helton isn’t. And to the credit of the BBWAA, they’ve
    done a pretty good job of not being taken in by altitude-inflated raw stats.

    This doesn’t factor in position or defense. Right now, Barry Bonds
    is the NL MVP, with McGwire, Jim Edmonds, Mike Piazza,
    Jeff Kent and Edgardo Alfonzo in the mix behind him.

    Bonds is so good that Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson is considering ordering
    the Giants to split him in two.

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