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The technical staff at Baseball Prospectus has been hard at work over the last few months introducing new web features and improving existing ones. Below you’ll find information pertaining to each one. We’re always interested in reader feedback, so if you have suggestions for improvements, or if you’d like to see a new feature not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Sortable Statistical Reports

    The newest release in the technical updates to the site, the sortable
    stat reports are the result of long hours of work by the Baseball
    Prospectus tech team. Of course, the same old reports we’ve always had are
    , but the new reports offer improved presentation for
    everyone. Additionally, Premium
    and Fantasy users have the ability to sort the reports by up to three
    statistics, filter reports by primary categories like league, team, and position
    (where appropriate), and even provide a minimum playing time filter
    (usually PA for hitters and IP for pitchers). These reports are refreshed
    daily and include several links to helpful resources on the site.
    Player names link to the player search tool, team names link to the team
    audit tool, and the column headers all link to the glossary search tool,
    allowing you to seamlessly browse the players and team statistics, and
    understand what they all mean.

    We’re also working on updates and improvements as the new statistical
    reports continue to evolve. If you have suggestions for the next
    iteration, please feel free to contact me.

Fantasy Tools

Forecast Manager

    The Baseball Prospectus Player Forecast Manager is the premier draft
    tool that will fulfill the needs of every fantasy leaguer. Developed by
    Nate Silver, the PFM goes through advanced mathematical formulas to
    calculate replacement level at each position for any fantasy league, and
    then evaluates each player’s projections in terms of the money available
    on draft day, giving a full listing of players, dollar values, and the
    PECOTA projections for your specific league. The PFM started out as an
    Excel application, but we’ve applied all the same complicated formulas
    to translate the PFM to a web version, so that all of the Baseball
    Prospectus readers (even those without Excel) can utilize this powerful


    Team Tracker allows Baseball Prospectus users to define up to 25
    fantasy teams and track their progress throughout the year. Team Tracker
    rosters are linked to statistical updates that chart player performance
    for the past day, week, month, and season to date, and the preseason
    PECOTA forecasts. In addition to tracking teams’ progress, the Team Tracker
    a Trade Analysis feature, where Team Tracker is integrated
    into the web version of the Player Forecast
    , and each of your players is evaluated with your league specific
    settings and given a dollar value. You can then specify trades between
    your team and the rest of your league, helping you decide if you should
    let that big slugger go for the parts you need to make a run at the
    league title.



    HACKING MASS is a contest to try and predict the biggest offensive
    stiffs in the upcoming season. HACKING MASS is an acronym for Huckabay’s
    Annual Call to Keep Immobility Next to Godliness: Maximus Aggregatus
    Stiffisimus Sensire. Contestants pick a player from each spot in the
    infield, three outfielders, and two pitchers, hoping to pick the players
    that will accrue the most stiffness points, which are designed to measure
    both poor performance and high playing time. The winner for this
    contest is awarded $500 and a mint-condition, signed, framed photo
    reproduction of Commissioner of Major League Baseball Bud Selig. For more
    information, see the rules for HACKING MASS.


    The Predictatron contest is another new feature at Baseball Prospectus
    this year. Contestants submit ballots that include guesses for each
    team’s win total for the season, and then predict how the playoffs will
    unfold. Similar to HACKING MASS, the winner of Predictatron is awarded
    $500 and a mint-condition, signed, framed photo reproduction of
    Commissioner of Major League Baseball Bud Selig. For more information, see the
    rules for Predictatron, and stay tuned to the site for an upcoming
    article summarizing this year’s picks.

Article Resources


    The Baseball Prospectus Library is a brand new section of the site
    featuring the most important, influential, and lasting articles to ever
    grace the digital pages of Baseball Prospectus. Any articles with lasting
    importance or significance have been culled from the archives and
    catalogued here in one of many categories and subcategories in which we’ve
    conducted research. So, any time you’re looking to find the definitive
    study done on a particular phenomenon or the research debunking a
    commonly held belief, start your search at the Baseball Prospectus Library.
    You can browse the library here.

Other Useful Tools

Mozilla Firefox Search Plugins

    The Mozilla Firefox plugins help Baseball Prospectus readers that use
    Mozilla Firefox get to player cards quickly. The newest search plugin
    has an automated installation, and within two or three clicks, the
    Mozilla Firefox browser will have the Baseball Prospectus search in the
    built in search
    (at the top right section of the browser). We also have several
    scripts that you can use in conjunction with the ConQuery plugin, which
    allow users to highlight text and directly search the Baseball Prospectus
    player cards and article database with the right-click menu. Click here for more


    The Team Audit feature, introduced in the site redesign this past
    year, is the central location to learn everything you need to know about
    your favorite team. The Team Audit page for each team links to recent
    Transaction Analysis articles, recent Prospectus Triple Plays and
    Prospectus Notebook articles, and can display the team’s core hitting and pitching statistics in sortable tables. Since these articles and stats come
    from elsewhere on the site, we work to pull them all together in one
    place for each team, and then link from the Team Audit pages to the
    features across the site.

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