"I was getting a bit anxious up there, a little out of control,
swinging at everything because everybody was waiting for this

Sammy Sosa, Cubs outfielder, after belting #60

"What I’ve done so far isn’t too shabby, but it really doesn’t
mean much when your team’s not in the race."

Mark McGwire, Cardinals infielder, after hitting #57 and #58

"There’s no shame in giving a home run to McGwire."
Jose Lima, Astros pitcher

"If it’s Mark McGwire or Eddie Perez, I’ll take my chances with

Scott Karl, Brewers pitcher, on facing a McGwireless Cardinals

"A reporter asked me last week, why not let [Mark] McGwire lead
off so he’d get more at bats? It’s not even a close call. That would be
disrespectful to the game, and I know he’d refuse to do it."

Tony La Russa, Cardinals manager

"Having the year he’s having with the way their team has been
playing, it’s not easy to come to the ballpark every day."

Mark McGwire, on Sammy Sosa

"I just wanted to get on base. Because I have hit so many home runs,
people forget that we can win the game with a base hit too or a

Sammy Sosa on #61


"That tells you what kind of moxie this kid has to hit the home
run after getting hit in the noggin."

Art Howe, A’s manager, on Miguel Tejada

"Oh my goodness. That was one of those that when you see a guy
swing and miss you say, ‘What would happen if he connected?’ Well, he

Joe Torre, Yankees manager, on Manny Ramirez’
40th homer (471 feet)

"It’s not easy to hit a grand slam. For me, it was very

Rey Ordonez, Mets infielder

"That’s a hard way to pitch. I’d rather they hit some ground balls
or something else. I stood out there forever throwing pitches."

Billy Wagner, Astros pitcher, on striking out the side


"It should be a great two weeks. I’m sure [the Braves] know
we’re coming. But, I’m kind of hoping we play them a few more times than

Bobby Valentine, Mets manager

"The Mets are a contending team and you want to play to preserve the
integrity of the game."

Jim Leyland, Rockies manager, on beating the Mets

"They’re playing with a lot of moxie right now,"
Larry Parrish, Tigers manager, on the Red Sox

"I just wish New York would have won just one game."
Jason Giambi, Athletics infielder, on the Red Sox sweep of the

"When we saw the Cubs pull it out and beat Cincinnati it made
today’s loss that much more bearable."

Al Leiter, Mets pitcher

"We’re trying to take one of these teams with us."
Brian Giles, Pirates outfielder, on beating the Reds

"It’s about time the Reds lost a game."
Ricky Gutierrez, Astros infielder

"We need to get hot, it’s as simple as that."
Aaron Boone, Reds infielder

"I don’t hear one person talk about the wild card. I think when you
settle for the wild card, you sell yourself short."

Derek Lowe, Red Sox pitcher

"Nobody cares how you get to the playoffs."
Pete Harnisch, Reds pitcher


"Frankly, the system was an anachronism."
Bud Selig, Commissioner of Baseball, on the decision to move some of the
leagues’ administrative duties to the commissioner’s office

"The role of league president has become like a Studebaker – a good
ride while it lasted."

Len Coleman, National League President, announcing his

"I am very proud of what this organization has

Woody Woodward, Mariners general manager, announcing his


"I’m making a call to all Venezuelans to vote for [Luis]

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, on the All-Century Team

"I guess Jose [Lima] and I are entitled to a couple bad games after
making more than 30 starts."

Mike Hampton, Astros pitcher, on failing to notch his 21st victory the
day after Lima failed to win his 21st

"Thank God August is over. Me and August don’t get along at
all. "

Shane Reynolds, Astros pitcher

"I love the direction the team’s trying to establish. I’m convinced
they’re moving in the right direction."

Glenallen Hill, Cubs outfielder, after signing a one year

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