Below you’ll find links to all 30 of our 2018 team previews, done in a “Table For Two” format of eavesdropping on an extended conversation about them.

American League East:
Baltimore Orioles (Jeffrey Paternostro and Jarrett Seidler)
Boston Red Sox (Ben Carsley and Brett Cowett)
New York Yankees (Stacey Gotsulias and Zach Steinhorn)
Tampa Bay Rays (R.J. Anderson and Adam Sobsey)
Toronto Blue Jays (Nick Dika and Joshua Howsam)

American League Central:
Chicago White Sox (Nick Schaefer and Collin Whitchurch)
Cleveland Indians (Aaron Gleeman and Matthew Trueblood)
Detroit Tigers (Aaron Gleeman and Matt Sussman)
Kansas City Royals (Craig Brown and David Brown)
Minnesota Twins (Aaron Gleeman and Parker Hageman)

American League West:
Houston Astros (Rob Mains and Matthew Trueblood)
Los Angeles Angels (Mark Barry and Bret Sayre)
Oakland Athletics (Ashley Varela and Jason Wojciechowski)
Seattle Mariners (Patrick Dubuque and Kate Preusser)
Texas Rangers (Russell A. Carleton and Mike Gianella)

National League East:
Atlanta Braves (David Brown and Russell A. Carleton)
Miami Marlins (Zach Crizer and Bryan Grosnick)
New York Mets (Kate Feldman and Jarrett Seidler)
Philadelphia Phillies (Trevor Strunk and Holly Wendt)
Washington Nationals (Craig Goldstein and Bret Sayre)

National League Central:
Chicago Cubs (Nathaniel Greabe and Zack Moser)
Cincinnati Reds (Patrick Dubuque and Craig Goldstein)
Milwaukee Brewers (Jack Moore and Nicholas Zettel)
Pittsburgh Pirates (Bryan Grosnick and Rob Mains)
St. Louis Cardinals (Zach Crizer and Matthew Trueblood)

National League West:
Arizona Diamondbacks (Nicolas Stellini and Jeff Wiser)
Colorado Rockies (Ben Carsley and Jeffrey Paternostro)
Los Angeles Dodgers (Wilson Karaman and Jarrett Seidler)
San Diego Padres (Wilson Karaman and Geoff Young)
San Francisco Giants (David Brown and Daniel Rathman)

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