Placed LHP Mike Holtz on the 15-day DL (strained hamstring). [8/25]

It’s been a bad year for Holtz all season long, so this is merely the
latest piece of bad news for him. Check in next year.


Acquired RHP Juan Aracena and a PTBNL from the Indians for DH Harold
; recalled LHP B.J. Ryan from Rochester. [8/27]

Aracena is one of the gems of the Indians’ Dominican development program,
but he’s also been restricted to the dubious role of closing in the Sally
League most of the year. Beyond the "give Harold a shot at a
ring" aspect of the deal, trading Baines makes sense if the Orioles
want to play Calvin Pickering at first base and/or DH, but the way this
outfit is run, they’ll waste the playing time on Derrick May or Richie Amaral.


Acquired LHP Kent Mercker from the Cardinals for C David Benham and LHP
Mike Matthews. [8/24]

Optioned RHP Tomokazu Ohka to Pawtucket. [8/25]

There’s something sort of pathetic about this move, just as there was
something sort of pathetic about acquiring Pete Schourek last year. A
useful fifth starter down the stretch is a good thing, after all. The
problem is that as mediocre as Mercker has aspired to be for the last
couple of years, he could just as easily be Boston’s third-best starter
instead of their fifth. And Number Two with a bullet is Pat Rapp. All in
all, this seems like a wasted gesture, but at least neither Benham or
Mattews are top prospects, so this doesn’t hurt nearly as much as the Mike
Boddicker trade.


Acquired LHP Joey Nation from the Braves to complete the
Mulholland/Hernandez trade. [8/24]

Activated RHP Rick Aguilera from the DL; outrighted LHP Dan Serafini to
Iowa. [8/25]

Optioned RHP Steve Rain to Iowa; recalled RHP Rodney Myers from Iowa. [8/26]

Nation has been highly regarded since being drafted in the second round in
1997, but I’m extremely skeptical of the value of getting a third pitcher
in this deal. The organization is desperate for position players who can
play baseball, and the focus of their drafts for the past five years has
been pitching.

Switching between Rain and Myers seems pointless: Myers will never be more
than an adequate mop-up guy, while Rain might eventually grow into a useful
setup man. Serafini’s demotion is long overdue, but leave it to the Cubs to
only lose their patience with him after he goofed up the unintentional
intentional walk to Matt Williams in extra innings, losing when Williams
laced a double off the ivy. They’re focusing on single events to make
excuses for moves, rather than coming to terms with their failure to
correctly assess, acquire or develop talent.


Placed 1B Hal Morris on the 15-day DL (broken wrist); recalled C Jason
from Indianapolis. [8/27]

Morris has been a handy pinch-hitter and spare part this year. In his
absence, the team is left with only Michael Tucker for some lefty
pinch-hitting. When the right-handed alternatives are guys like Mark Lewis,
Jeffrey Hammonds and Chris Stynes, the Reds’ bench suddenly looks pretty weak.

LaRue’s callup might have been earned after some recent hot hitting at
Indy, but the Eddie Taubensee/Brian Johnson platoon has been fine, and
LaRue may only get to rot at the end of the bench.


Returned CF Kenny Lofton to the 15-day DL, retroactive to 8/16 (strained
hamstring); recalled UT Jolbert Cabrera from Buffalo. [8/24]

Signed LHP Jim Poole to a minor-league contract. [8/26]

Acquired DH Harold Baines from the Orioles for RHP Juan Aracena and a
PTBNL; placed RHP Steve Karsay on the 15-day DL, retroactive to 8/25
(strained tendon/forearm); recalled LHP Tom Martin from the Buffalo;
designated OF Mark Whiten for assignment; optioned UT Jolbert Cabrera to
Buffalo. [8/27]

Picking up Baines is a very interesting move, in that it’s an
acknowledgment that at this early stage of his career, Richie Sexson isn’t
such a bad guy to sit down when some especially tough right-handed pitcher
is on the mound. It’s probably also an acknowledgment that David Justice
can use a couple of days off every week. For Baines, it’s a nice shot at
some postseason exposure, which might end up helping his case with the Hall
of Fame’s Veterans Committee, since I doubt he’ll pass muster with the

Perversely enough, losing Karsay may not be such a bad thing for the Tribe
in the short run. Chris Haney is probably a better choice to be in the
rotation right now than Karsay or Doc Gooden or Mark Langston or a damaged
Jaret Wright, while calling up Tom Martin or signing Jim Poole could spell
the end of Paul Assenmacher’s career.


Returned poikilotherm Gregg Jefferies to the 15-day DL (dizzying riches);
activated OF Bobby Higginson from the DL. [8/24]

Acquired OF Jerry Amador from the Mariners as the second PTBNL in the Brian
Hunter trade. [8/26]

Higgy’s return gives the Tigers a fifth guy capable of posting an OBP
somewhere near the league average. That’s still far from adequate, but
"far from adequate" describes the Tigers from top to bottom.


Released C Jorge Fabregas. [8/26]

Recalled C Ramon Castro from Calgary. [8/27]

The long-anticipated callup of Castro was not overdue, since he hasn’t been
killing the PCL this year, especially when you consider he’s been hitting
in Calgary (.258/.307/.450, with 15 home runs). Coming down to the thick
air of Miami, he won’t hit a ton anytime soon. His glovework still wins
rave reviews, so on that level the Marlins won’t be missing Charles Johnson.

Fabregas has been useless this year (.206/.289/.309 only looks good if Mike
Matheny’s been haunting your franchise lately), so an outright release is
appropriate. He has to be cursing his misfortune that the Cubs already have
Jeff Reed, while he isn’t old enough to be an Oriole just yet.


Placed OF Glen Barker on the 15-day DL, retroactive to 8/25 (strained
oblique); purchased the contract of OF Ryan Thompson from New Orleans. [8/27]

This isn’t exactly a major setback, other than robbing Larry Dierker of a
pinch-runner. Yes, Barker had a .360 OBP in garbage time, but that would
have wilted with regular playing time.

Calling up Thompson is pretty handy. Carl Everett is good for center field,
and while they’re experimenting with Craig Biggio in left field once in
awhile, they’re basically looking at Matt Mieske, Lance Berkman and Darryl
Ward. Since Berkman and Ward are workmanlike at best in the outfield
corners, Thompson gives Dierker a right-handed bat to mix with them
(Berkman switch-hits, and Ward’s a lefty). He can still go get the ball
well, and he also has the advantage (over Barker, at least) of being
relatively fresh from playing full-time (.309/.369/.495 with 16 home runs
for New Orleans). Sure, he isn’t the ideal replacement, but he has his uses.


Placed 2B Carlos Febles on the 15-day DL (dislocated pinky); recalled INF
Steve Scarsone from Omaha. [8/24]

Placed RHP Dan Reichert on the 15-day DL (non-displaced crack/elbow);
recalled LHP Tim Byrdak from Omaha. [8/25]

Febles’ constant injury problems should be a source of concern. He’s a very
good glove at second base right now. If you’re the Royals, you can’t help
but get caught up in dreams of how his combination of speed, power and
patience could be a central component of your team’s offense for the next

But the variety of nagging injuries have to send up a bit of a warning
signal: second base is a physically demanding position where a young player
can see his future disappear pretty quickly. Not every talented young
second baseman can withstand an early injury bug to come back, like Tony
Phillips. Here’s hoping Febles’ problems don’t become chronic.

Losing Reichert for the season is one of those "just as well"
sort of things. He’s going to be on the short list for next year’s rotation
anyway, he was coming around, and this season doesn’t mean much unless
you’re interested in bragging about finishing ahead of the Tigers. In his
absence, the Royals can take the time to find out why Mac Suzuki is even on
the big league roster, and one or two bad starts later, decide there are
probably better ways to use that roster space.


Purchased the contract of RHP Hector Ramirez from Louisville; placed C
Bobby Hughes on the 15-day DL (strained elbow). [8/24]


Released RHP Bobby Ayala; recalled RHP Guillermo Mota from Ottawa.[8/27]

An interesting decision, in that superficially Ayala has been a relatively
effective setup man for much of the season. A 3.68 ERA looks good nowadays,
after all. But you count up those unearned runs, and he’s giving up almost
five runs per nine, so he hasn’t exactly been a neo-Nasty Boy. On top of
that, he’s done a poor job of preventing inherited runners from scoring.
He’ll still probably get picked up by a team that can use the help in the
pen (Red Sox? A’s? Cubs?).

Mota was reserved for mop-up situations during his earlier stint with the
Expos, but it’s interesting that the Expos aren’t strictly evaluating their
pen in terms of ERA, but instead are working on carrying the guys they
think they can use both now and into the future.


Activated C Ramon Hernandez from the DL; optioned C A.J. Hinch to
Vancouver. [8/27]

Hernandez’s return gives the A’s their best catcher back, as well as some
desperately needed help against lefty pitching. Unfortunately, Mike
Macfarlane wasn’t prepared to have or be diagnosed with an injury: he’s
been worthless this year, while Hinch has been coming around over the last
couple of weeks.


Returned LHP Jason Christiansen to the 15-day DL (cervical strain);
recalled LHP Jeff Wallace from Nashville. [8/24]

Acquired RHP Jason Boyd from the Diamondbacks to complete the Tony Womack
trade. [8/25]

Christiansen’s down, as expected, which gives Jeff Wallace an early return.

Boyd throws hard, and was having a decent if unspectacular year for Tucson
(4.52 ERA, pitching in almost every role, but mostly in middle relief), but
with all of the blather about how Tony Womack is such a "great leadoff
hitter," Pirates fans might have expected more. I wouldn’t sweat it;
Womack might be the worst leadoff hitter on a division winner since Omar


Traded LHP Kent Mercker to the Red Sox for C David Benham and LHP Mike
; recalled RHP Larry Luebbers from Memphis. [8/24]

This is the point at which the Cardinals could realize that the difference
between Kent Mercker and Larry Luebbers in terms of quality of pitching is
negligible, especially in light of their relative price tags. Sadly, this
is just a salary dump for the Cards, as neither Benham or Matthews look
like much right now.


Claimed LHP Matt Whisenant off of waivers from the Royals. [8/20]

Purchased the contract of RHP Matt Whiteside from Las Vegas; optioned RHP
Will Cunnane to Las Vegas. [8/24]

Purchased the contract of RHP Buddy Carlyle from Las Vegas; recalled LHP
Heath Murray from Las Vegas; optioned INF Ed Giovanola and RHP Stan Spencer
to Las Vegas. [8/26]

Busy, busy, busy, but is there a plan in action? I like picking up
Whisenant well enough, but swapping Cunnane for Whiteside seems silly.
Cunnane’s had his rough spots in recent weeks, but Matt Whiteside isn’t
going to be part of the next good Pad pen, while Cunnane has been
overwhelming in Vegas this year and really shouldn’t have to keep proving
himself there.

At least the recalls of Buddy Carlyle and Heath Murray are good news.
Murray deserves a final crack at the rotation, while Carlyle’s almost ready
for his. While Carlyle’s 25 home runs allowed in 160 innings might be ugly,
it isn’t a disaster for a control pitcher in the PCL at 21. Add in a 4.89
ERA to go with 180 hits, 42 walks, and 138 strikeouts, and that isn’t all
bad. Murray was better, posting a 4.26 ERA. Now that Spencer has flubbed
what was probably his last shot at a spot in the rotation, Murray can get
the next crack (also potentially his last) while Carlyle gets his feet wet
in the pen.


Traded LHP Jeff Fassero to the Rangers for a PTBNL; recalled LHP Robert
from Tacoma. [8/27]

Mercy is a fine quality, and Fassero may have his uses for the Rangers, but
if this is mercy, maybe the Mariners would show some to Freddie Garcia or
Rob Ramsay. Or Ken Cloude, who’s doing pretty well now that he’s out from
under Mt. Piniella’s baleful shadow and pitching in Tacoma.

Ramsay had a dynamite five starts after returning to his native Washington
from the Red Sox in the Huskey deal (4-1, 1.08 ERA, to give him an overall
record of 10-7, with a 4.39 ERA and 134 hits, 50 walks and 116 strikeouts
in 147 2/3 innings), and he has some talent.

Lots of people have talent, though, and the question still remains as to
whether Lou Piniella is capable of managing anyone who isn’t in his prime
or a veteran, and whether he can use any pitcher to his best
advantage. The evidence is heavily against Piniella at this point, not just
from his time with the Mariners, but also in his previous stints with the
Reds and Yankees. If the Mariners are going to go out of their way to
acquire and/or make space for young pitchers, they’d better go out of their
way to get a manager and pitching coach who know how to turn them into
successful major leaguers.


Placed RHP Dave Eiland on the 15-day DL (bursitis/hip); recalled LHP Alan
from Durham. [8/27]

It’s a shame to see Eiland finally collapse in what may be his last shot at
a major league rotation. Well, one that pitches against major league
players, anyway. In a decade that saw less-than-mediocre right-handers like
Scott Sanders or Don Wengert get a zillion opportunities, Eiland’s had to
labor through year after year at Triple-A. He’s never going to grow up to
be Rick Reed, but he’s also more deserving of a job as a fifth starter than
a bunch of guys. It’s sort of a shame when you have to wonder why you don’t
have Mike Oquist’s good luck.


Recalled LHP Corey Lee from Oklahoma; optioned RHP Danny Patterson to
Oklahoma. [8/24]

Acquired LHP Jeff Fassero from the Mariners for a PTBNL; transferred LHP
Eric Gunderson from the 15- to the 60-day DL. [8/27]

Is Fassero as bad as his numbers look? Possibly, but it’s never a bad
gamble to take a pitcher off of the Mariners’ hands to see if you can
straighten him out. If the Rangers decide to leave Fassero in the pen,
that’s fine: he’s managed to do reasonably well against left-handed batters
this season (.252/.336/.362). If they decide to use him to bump John
Burkett out of the rotation, that’s worth doing.

A prime consideration on that score might be the relatively poor records of
the Yankees, Indians and A’s against left-handed pitching. And on an
ethical or "preserving your relationship with your Triple-A
affiliate" level, one of the fringe benefits of picking up Fassero is
that it should bring the Okie shuttle to an end.

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