“Change is not always easy, but there are times when you need to make
changes to move forward.”

Wendy Selig-Prieb, Brewers president

“I suggested that it was time to make a change with Phil and myself.
It’s something she obviously had been thinking about, because she
understood how we were linked together.”

Sal Bando, former Brewers GM

“I’ve got to call it justified. We didn’t play up to my expectations
nor their expectations. You come into this job knowing that’s the way
it’s going to be.”

Phil Garner, former Brewers manager


“I have heard the expression about several former Dodgers that this
one or that one was the greatest Dodger who ever lived. In my
estimation, Pee Wee Reese was the greatest Dodger who ever lived.”

Duke Snider, former player

“In the Dodger dressing room in Brooklyn, you had the metallic
lockers and they all had stools. But Pee Wee had an armchair, and he
would sit there smoking his pipe. He was not the senior citizen,
because that would make him sound like he was an old man. But you knew
as soon as you walked into the clubhouse, there’s the king. There’s
the captain. There’s the No. 1 man.”

Vin Scully, announcer

“He was the captain and he’ll always be the captain. He was a great
leader and we loved him very very much. Pee Wee was a Hall of Famer as
a ballplayer, but more importantly, he was a Hall of Famer as a
person. There isn’t anyone who played for the Dodgers that didn’t love
Pee Wee Reese.”

Tommy Lasorda, Dodgers executive vice president


“Rico has been a big part of the club the last three years. He’s done
a great job for us and we’re happy to be able to reward him.”

Ed Wade, Phillies GM, on signing Rico Brogna to a
one-year extension

“We’re very pleased to get this deal done. Mike has had a tremendous
season and has developed into one of the top catchers in the game.”

Ed Wade, on signing Mike Lieberthal to a
three-year extension

“This hopefully is the first of many long-term contracts. I really
wouldn’t want to play anywhere else. This is a great chance for us to
win for the future.”

Mike Lieberthal, Phillies catcher

“I don’t fear one-year contracts. I’ve had an awful lot of them, at
least nine or 10.”

Mark Grace, Cubs infielder, on signing a one-year extension
with the Cubs


“We’ve got to bear down and be sharper and tougher. We need to keep
fighting. Don’t quit, that’s the main thing.”

Dusty Baker, Giants manager

“This is a very difficult time for us. We need to step up and play
better and we need to do it soon. This is no fun to watch or play.
Everybody is hustling, it’s just a rough time.”

Larry Dierker, Astros manager

“I could puke watching this game. This was just a sloppy game all

Larry Rothschild, Devil Rays manager, on losing to the Royals

“The last two games have not been pretty. Giving up 28 runs is not
exactly something you strive for.”

Mike Hargrove, Indians manager

“This is the time of year when you need to win.”

Aaron Boone, Reds infielder


“Once you spend a lot of time in the minor leagues, you get labeled a
Triple-A player. That’s what you doubt more than anything else: whether
you’ll get the opportunity.”

Brian Daubach, Red Sox infielder

“If I die tomorrow, that’s OK.”

Pascual Matos, Braves catcher, on his first ML hit

“With my dad, we talk about baseball. With my mom, it’s about my
haircut or something.”

Scott Williamson, Reds pitcher

“Shutting out the Yankees for seven innings, it doesn’t get any better than

Dan Reichert, Royals pitcher


“I don’t know if you can expect Bartolo [Colon] to be dominating
every time out, but I certainly have a lot of confidence in him. When
he is on his game, I sure like our chances.”

Mike Hargrove, Indians manager

“When I go out there and cross the line, I try to give 100 percent
concentration. It’s my job to pitch and give my team a chance
to win.”

Pedro Astacio, Rockies pitcher

“There are a lot of factors that have to be carefully monitored. We
try to keep track of pitches thrown in two-week cycles: game pitches,
between innings, in the bullpen, between starts. But there are no
proven formulas.”

Rick Peterson, A’s pitching coach

“It’s the whole thing — the way he prepares, the stuff he has, how
competitive he is. He’s very, very consistent, never has an up or a
down. It’s a great story.”

Tony La Russa, Cardinals manager, on Kent Bottenfield

“He’s really no fun at all from the left side. He throws the ball
hard, 95 mph or above, and makes this awful grunting noise when he
throws, too.”

Larry Walker, Rockies outfielder, on pitcher John Rocker

“Walks are a pain in the butt.”

Ryan Dempster, Marlins pitcher

“My confidence is high right now. I love being out there for a
challenge. Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.”

Terry Mulholland, Braves pitcher


“I’m not quitting. We’re not quitting. I’ve got in my mind that I’m
going to be working September 3, and if not September 3, then some
other time.”

Rich Garcia, umpire

“We have a good ballclub that battles all the time. That home and
away stuff doesn’t mean anything.”

Jack McKeon, Reds manager

“Don’t talk about Cincinnati. We will see who is the best team in

Jose Lima, Astros pitcher

“I’m trying to do my job. The first half of the season I didn’t have
any consistency. I wasn’t satisfied with the way things went. I just
worked a little harder and finally it’s coming along.”

Carlos Delgado, Blue Jays infielder

“I feel I’m throwing as good as any time since I’ve been here. I know
I’m up to the challenge of making quality starts. If I make my pitches
I can keep this team close against anyone. The way the defense has
been and the hitting, we’ll be all right.”

Al Leiter, Mets pitcher

“I told my agent to get me [***] out of here as soon as possible. I
can’t take this anymore. I’ve had to deal with this all year. I told
them to trade me because I don’t want to [***] be here.”

Raul Mondesi, Dodgers outfielder

“I’ve been [at Coors Field] too many times. There’s no big leads. The
only big lead is after you win the game and you make sure there’s no
appeal of anything and you’re in the clubhouse.”

Felipe Alou, Expos manager

“I love this place, and I’ll be saddened when it’s gone. I know the
team and fans here are excited about moving to a new ballpark, but
I’ll miss Candlestick.”

Orel Hershiser, Mets pitcher

“The name of the game is driving in runs. I don’t look at home runs
or average. I look at RBI.”

Paul Konerko, White Sox infielder

“A lot of people who went through what I went through this year would
have retired.”

Carlos Baerga, Indians infielder

“Without a doubt it will be the most satisfying year we’ve ever had
if we can overcome all this adversity to win it.”

Chipper Jones, Braves infielder

“I’m not looking for home runs. They’re just coming.”

Ivan Rodriguez, Indians catcher

“I’m proud of it, but at the same time in a humble way. I want to
thank all the organizations that I managed for, and I want to thank
all the players that played for me.”

Lou Piniella, Mariners manager, on his 1,000th win

“People have been screaming to get me off first base and now they
want me back on. I can’t win for losing.”

Frank Thomas, White Sox infielder

“It was almost no big deal to me. It was like: `O.K., my back went
bad, go in, have surgery, and let’s go.’ It was like my 30,000-mile
checkup. Cut me open, check me out and put me back together.”

Jose Canseco, Devil Rays outfielder, on back surgery

“Jim Riggleman is going to manage this club and we’re going to
evaluate the situation at the end of the season. Hopefully we’ll play
to a level in the next few weeks where this is a dead issue.”

Ed Lynch, Cubs GM

“I’m totally convinced that there’s a couple of teams out there that
could really use my leadership, without being arrogant. I understand
how I can motivate people and deliver a message to people.”

Pete Rose, former player

“This year, I love my glove and my glove loves me. It’s like a
relationship. Last year, my glove hated me and I hated my glove.”

Russ Davis, Mariners infielder

“It’s bull. I came to the aid of an injured teammate and they give me
three days? I understand the fine, but the lesson I’ve learned here is
that if this happens again, I’m going to get my money’s worth. I
grabbed a guy who was out of control and held him — period. Next time,
I’m going to pummel him.”

Jay Buhner, Mariners outfielder, on being suspended

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