“This is a little different because it’s the National League and I’ve
never been a National League pitcher before. But when I’m healthy I’ve
proven that I’m a pretty good pitcher…. one of the best in baseball.”

Kenny Rogers, Mets pitcher

“[Javy] Lopez is definitely a big loss for the Braves, and that adds a
little pressure. It’s a welcome situation. It’s certainly better than
the one I had in San Diego.”

Greg Myers, Braves catcher

“I feel very good being with the Giants and I feel very good about the
way I pitched. Of course, six runs is six runs. But I felt I made some
good pitches.”

Livan Hernandez, Giants pitcher, on his Giants debut

“He’s an experienced bat, an experienced player, and any time you can
add that kind of experience as you’re going down the stretch, that’s a
very positive thing.”

Gord Ash, Blue Jays GM, on the acquisition of David Segui


“He’s a good hitter and he loves the spotlight. That’s half the
battle when you’ve got ability.”

Joe Torre, Yankees manager, on the acquisition of Jim

“I think I can speak for the whole team. We just want the trading
deadline to come and go. I think we’re all tradable.”

Alex Rodriguez, Mariners infielder

“I was the DH the first couple of years I was here. I’ve come a long
way and realize I have a ways to go, but, personally, I’d like to play
first as often as I can…. Being on the field makes me a better

Carlos Delgado, Blue Jays infielder, on the team’s trade for
first baseman David Segui

“We wanted to add to the present and future with every deal we did.
Kevin [Appier] has been a No. 1 and he brings a No. 1 mentality.
There’s a lot of value in that. We weren’t supposed to be here in
July. Now we’re trying to make our mark in this race.”

Billy Beane, A’s GM

“I’m not. Are you guys? Reading all the papers, you guys said there
wasn’t nothing worth trading for me.”

Jeff Fassero, Mariners pitcher, when asked by reporters if
he was surprised he hadn’t been traded

“This is obviously a good deal for me. I’ve got the opportunity to go
to the playoffs. I don’t want to say anything negative about my former
teammates but I was on a sinking ship. It’s good to be in a situation
where you’re playing for something.”

Darryl Hamilton, Mets outfielder, on being traded from the

“There’s a direct correlation
between the average age of a team and winning. I don’t mean to say if
you get all old guys that you’ll win, but that experience helps. Down
the stretch, we wanted more veteran players to complement the team.”

Steve Phillips, Mets GM

“Every year I’ve been here, the front office has made a point of doing
what’s necessary to give our club a boost down the stretch. Now it’s up
to us to get the job done on the field.”

Chipper Jones, Braves infielder


“It’s not over with yet. Our contract doesn’t expire until Dec. 31 so
we will go on through the year and then negotiate a new deal.”

Randy Marsh, umpire

“[Umpires] are to be admired for their resolve and courage. They are
confident that they will eventually prevail in this very unseemly
affair that was deliberately provoked by major league baseball.”

Richie Phillips, umpires union head

“I’m 100 percent behind Richie
Phillips. He got us here. He got us everything we have. He’s been
loyal to us for 22 years. It’s a shame the guys aren’t loyal toward

Rich Garcia, umpire

“The major league umpires have been seriously harmed because union
leadership adopted a flawed strategy that was doomed to fail from the

John Hirschbeck and others, umpires, from a released statement

“Bart Giamatti believed that baseball was a metaphor for life. That
the game is about community, teamwork and integrity. Where did John
[Hirschbeck] go wrong? He shamed us all.”

Marcia Montague, umpire Bruce Montague‘s wife, in a
letter to Denise Hirschbeck


“Organizations have forgotten a team is a family. All they worry about
now is corporate sponsors. Not just in Seattle. All over. Baseball is
more of a business now, and that bothers me.”

Ken Griffey Jr., Mariners outfielder

“The batting average just happens. If you hit .260 and drive in 130
runs, nobody is going to say anything about your batting average. Runs
win games; hits don’t.”

Preston Wilson, Marlins outfielder

“When a guy’s got an arm like his, you want to be the team where it
clicks. So you don’t want to give up on him real fast. If we end up
being the team where this guy reels off a bunch of wins, good for us.
We’re good people.”

Terry Francona, Phillies manager, on Robert Person

“I think I’ve come to the end, baseball-wise. I feel fulfilled. I feel

Jim Abbott, pitcher, on his retirement

“If this ever became a game where you can criticize effort, that’s one
thing you can’t criticize here. You have Darin Erstad diving for balls
in the outfield down 10 runs, Gary DiSarcina diving for a ball down
seven runs. You see guys with the effort. I don’t think that’s the

Terry Collins, Angels manager

“There’s not going to be an asterisk at the end of my career that
says, `Tony Gwynn beat Wade Boggs to 3,000.’ If he gets there first,
more power to him. I just want to get there.”

Wade Boggs, Devil Rays infielder

“It’s important for us not only to satisfy the players but also to
show the Bay Area and our fans that we’re serious about our future,
too. While we’re focused on winning now, it was the right timing to do
something like this.”

Brian Sabean, Giants GM, on giving contract extensions to
Barry Bonds, Jeff Kent, and J.T. Snow

“We are going to get it done right here. I’m not going anywhere. This
is how things were in Boston. We went from 24 players and 24 cabs to
one unit. But it takes time. I’ve done it before under more stressful
situations. I can do it here.”

Mo Vaughn, Angels infielder

“He’s grown up right before my eyes. He’s had physical problems in
the past, but now he’s healthy. He’s doing what all the scouts said he
could do when we got him.”

Tony Muser, Royals manager, on Jermaine Dye

“I’ve never liked to walk. If there is anybody in the major leagues
that likes to walk, they have a problem.”

Mark Grudzielanek, Dodgers infielder

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