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“When I got out of the car this morning about [7:00], I think, I was
prepared for a real big day for the Cubs or I would be in here hanging
my head a little bit today…You never go to work thinking he’s going
to be available.”

Jim Hendry, Cubs general manager, on acquiring former Red Sox
shortstop Nomar Garciaparra (

“When you have a player of that stature, that has spent his entire
career there winning MVPs, All-Star Game after All-Star Game, you
really are subject totally to what Theo Epstein decides to do, whether
he wants to move him or not.”

–Hendry, on Garciaparra

“I don’t think Theo was going to make a deal just to move Nomar because
you heard he wanted to leave or he was unhappy. I don’t think that was
the case at all…To be truthful with you, I didn’t know for sure if he
would ever move him.”



“I can’t really picture him playing anywhere else…You think Red Sox,
Nomar’s the first name you think of.”

Derek Jeter, Yankees shortstop, on Garciaparra being dealt to
the Cubs (

“If it was in my control, I’d still be wearing a Red Sox uniform,
because it’s the place I know, I love. All of those fans, I’ll always
remember. But I’m also going to another great place. I’m going to a
phenomenal city with great tradition as well, phenomenal fans, great

Nomar Garciaparra, Cubs shortstop (

“I thought there was a flaw on the club that we couldn’t allow to
become a fatal flaw, that the defense on this team is not championship
caliber…In my mind we were not going to win a World Series with our
defense the way it was.”

Theo Epstein, Red Sox general manager, on trading Garciaparra

“[Garciaparra] was surprised but he had said that Chicago was a place he
would like to go, and he tried to stay in contact with Arn Tellem, his
agent, so he wasn’t taken completely by surprise…We just thanked him
for everything he has done for the organization and wished him and his
family all the best and good health and good fortune going forward. And
Nomar, as always, was a class act.”



“It was complicated-so many teams…I can see why things get
bogged down. I don’t know if deadlines are a good thing or not, we were
real close.”

Terry Ryan, Twins general manager (

“It’s a little awkward right now, but I think it’s better for
everyone…The situation over there was a rough one. They gave me an
opportunity in the big leagues, and what the Twins are all about is
they give the young guys chances.”

Doug Mientkiewicz, Red Sox first baseman (


“Our goal was, if we were going to add some guys to our team, I wanted
to add some guys who have been to the World Series, who have won the
World Series.”

Paul DePodesta, Dodgers general manager, on trading Paul
LoDuca, Guillermo Mota, and Juan Encarnacion to the Marlins (L.A.

“It was a little surprising, just because we were playing so well…I
could understand it if we were tailing off a little bit, but we hadn’t

Paul Lo Duca, Marlins catcher, on being traded (L.A. Times)

“This team has a chance to go a long way. We have fallen short in the
past, and the fans of L.A. were really excited this year to maybe make
it to the playoffs, so it makes it difficult. I felt like I was a
decent part of what’s been going on. So it makes it a little tougher.”


“It’s risky…Dukie is the favorite for the fans. Mota might be the
best setup man in baseball. Seriously…it’s tough. Those guys have
meant a lot to this team. I’m very surprised. Wow.”

Odalis Perez, Dodgers starter, on the trade (L.A. Times)

“He’s been a big part of the Dodger organization, it’s the only
organization he’s ever been in…. It kept me up the last couple of
nights thinking of us without him, even just on a personal level, it’s
certainly not something I relished doing.”

–DePodesta, on LoDuca

“I know what they meant to us on the field, I also know what they meant
to us in the clubhouse. But the guys that we’re bringing in, we’re
adding quite a bit. At the end of the day, I felt it was something we
had to do.”



“I don’t know what will happen in a year or two when I’m not with this
club…. But I care about this team and about baseball in general…. It
won’t be long before this club has to do some serious moves to replace
some serious players. The most effective way is when you have your own
homegrown players. That’s the most effective and the cheapest way to do

Felipe Alou, Giants manager, before the trading deadline
(Oakland Tribune)

“It’s been difficult…They want everything we have in the minor
leagues. [Matt] Cain, [Merkin] Valdez, [Nate] Schierholtz,
[Noah] Lowry-that’s who everybody wants. We have a veteran team. If you
start trading all your kids and you wake up tomorrow, what do you


“If they bring in Randy Johnson and [Ugueth] Urbina and [Jose] Mesa, I’ll be
delighted. But I don’t know who pays for it…What is the need? A
closer? An outfielder? A legitimate guy who can hit behind Barry? What
will it be? I’d like to manage in the World Series, but I don’t have
the money in my pocket.”


“Lo Duca is one of the toughest outs in the National League…He plays
with his heart. If Lo Duca isn’t on their team, it doesn’t matter who
they get. It’s a loss-a big loss.”

Matt Herges, Giants reliever (Oakland Tribune)

“He’s as tough as anybody. He’s like a small Pudge Rodriguez. Lo Duca
is a big part and so is Guillermo Mota. Their bullpen is



“All I can tell you is, ‘Welcome to the madness.'”

Mike Cameron, Mets center fielder, to new teammates Kris
Benson and Victor Zambrano (New York Times)

“I was hoping he was coming out on the field…. You come on the field,
you’ll get your butt whupped. That’s a free butt-whuppin’ right there.”

Torii Hunter, Twins center fielder, after a White Sox fan
yelled a death threat from the stands (Minnesota Star-Tribune)

“It’s got to be done with private money…. We need a new Yankee Stadium.
We need a new Shea Stadium. In fact, we need a new Madison Square
Garden. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t have a lot of money.”

Michael Bloomberg, New York City mayor (

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