It's another episode of the DFA podcast! Hosts Bryan Grosnick (Baseball Prospectus) and R.J. Anderson (CBS Sports), plus producer Shawn Brody (Beyond the Box Score, BP Mets), are talking about all the transactions and roster moves that make MLB go. From trades and signings to callups and disabled list stints, DFA is here to provide analysis and commentary on all things baseball.

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On the 24th episode of the DFA podcast, R.J. is joined by guest co-host Zach Crizer (Baseball Prospectus) who spends a not-insignificant amount of time reading Jeff Sullivan's tweets about Jered Weaver. (It's a marked improvement over what Bryan usually brings to the table.) The guys all discuss the end of Weaver's long and impressive career, then move on to the smaller moves of the week, including the A's acquisitions of two relief arms, the Twins' promotion of Aaron Siegers, and the triumphant(?) returns of Travis Snider and Alejandro De Aza.

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Jered Weaver Tweets by Jeff Sullivan!

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