Chris Towers of CBS Sports joins the pod to discuss the fantasy implications of the latest trade deadline moves including J.D. Martinez to Arizona (5:00), Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle to Washington (17:30), Jose Quintana to the Cubs (20:00), and Todd Frazier to the Yankees (23:00). He also discusses his affinity for Reds rookie starter Luis Castillo (28:00), TINSTAAPP (36:00), the key components and metrics he uses to evaluate young pitchers (38:00), the difference between command and control (42:00), and how to balance prepping for the upcoming fantasy football season without abandoning your fantasy baseball squad (44:00).

Intro: That Fleeting World, “The Alchemist”

Outro: Silent Partner, “Chances”

Everything you need to listen and enjoy this episode can be found below:

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