"I think we did as good as we could. I don’t know
that there’s anything else we could have done."

Larry Rothschild, Devil Rays manager

"I feel extremely good because we had several
objectives, and we accomplished all of them."

Fred Claire, Dodgers GM

"There were a tremendous amount of players taken on
both sides that the fans did not recognize, did not
know. It would have been very easy to take guys who had
a year or two of service time at the major league level
and you know what you’re getting and we look good [in
1998]. The key is we look good in years two, three,

Chuck LaMar, Devil Rays GM

"One thing is for sure. We drafted a number of
people that other teams would like to have back. They’re
already calling us trying to find a way. We’ll examine
all opportunities, but we initially drafted these guys
with the idea that they would play for us."

Buck Showalter, Diamond Backs manager

"If the Marlins had lost 100 games every year
since the expansion draft, and the Rockies, it would
not have lessened or heightened the expectations that
we have."

Buck Showalter

"The guys on the Mesa team had a radio at the game.
They told me I got picked, and I thought they were
joking around. I said, ‘Yeah, right.’"

Ben Ford


"I want to feel secure personally. Have a
competitive team out there — I really want to win; I
hate losing — and, I guess, I want to be treated like
a normal person."

Pedro Martinez

"It sends a message to everyone that the Red Sox
are back in business."

Dan Duquette, Red Sox GM

"I don’t think Pedro will have any trouble adapting
to any league. It’s going to be the American League
hitters that are going to have trouble adapting to

Jim Beattie, Expos GM

"Dan [Duquette] told me it was tough to get rid of
me but that Martinez was a proven pitcher. I’m not a
proven big-leaguer. No one knew I was going to be a

Carl Pavano

"I think he has outdone himself with this one. He
replaced Roger [Clemens] with Roger from 10 years

Butch Henry, on Dan Duquette


"Believe me, before I signed with Atlanta, I tried
to make a deal with the Rockies. But I think it was
time to get my value on the market."

Andres Galarraga

"Andres [Galarraga] is the most productive power
hitter in the game over the last two years, and he’s a
right-handed hitter. The combination of those two
things made him the most attractive guy for us."

John Schuerholz, Braves GM

"His productivity may not be what it was in
Colorado, but it will more than enough to satisfy the
needs of our lineup."

John Schuerholz, Braves GM

"The revenues are there to make this work. Just

Stan Kasten, Braves president

"So far I haven’t seen any loyalty. Guys are going
for the money. It’s disappointing for me. It’s
disappointing for the fans. It’s disappointing for the
organization. There are not many Tony Gwynns, I

Don Baylor, Rockies manager

"Andres [Galarraga] is going to see very quickly
the difference between Coors Field and Turner Field."

Fred McGriff


"I do feel a little betrayed. I feel like I’ve
given my best years to date to the Mariners. I helped
them save baseball in Seattle."

Randy Johnson, on being shopped by Seattle

"I think I know a very nice young man who is proud
to be a Yankee. I want to sit down with him and hear
what he has to say. I don’t want him to tell me he is
the best outfielder in the American League."

George Steinbrenner, Yankees owner, on
Bernie Williams

"I’ve always been a Diamondback fan. Since the
time I was a kid I’ve always dreamed of wearing
these colors."

Billy Crystal, part-owner of the Diamondbacks

"We won’t second guess how anyone else spends their
money. I don’t think they should worry about how we
spend ours. I will say one thing. We don’t want a one
shot glass of champagne and then sell our players."

Jerry Colangelo, Diamondbacks owner, on the
signing of Jay Bell

"It’s sad, but the message I want to convey on
behalf of Joe [Carter] is that he’ll take this as a
challenge. If there’s a perception Joe doesn’t have
the talent he had or can’t contribute to a club the
way he has, Joe will put all cylinders in gear."

Jim Turner, Carter’s agent

"I ask them to to respect themselves, to respect
the game of baseball because it’s a great game, and to
have fun, because it still is a game. You have to have
that little kid in you and you definitely have to have
fun. If you don’t have fun, then really you shouldn’t
be playing."

Tim Johnson, Blue Jays manager

"Finances weren’t as big a thing as much as the
turmoil in Baltimore last season. We had a lot of
turmoil down there. The way things were handled on and
off the field weren’t up to the standards I expect from
an organization."

Randy Myers, on signing with the Blue Jays

"I feel with a fresh start in Kansas City, I’m
going to produce just like I always have."

Jeff Conine

"I want to stay with the Orioles. I’d like to play
here for the rest of my career. I don’t want to go
through this again in four years."

Brady Anderson

"Everybody knows Mr. Steinbrenner is a hands-on
guy. I know that. It’s his club and it’s his
prerogative. We’ll just leave it at that."

Bob Watson, Yankees GM

"I’ve never felt stronger than I do now. I’m very
happy because things are starting to get better and
soon I could return to the major leagues."

Jose Rijo

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