Razzball founder Grey Albright joins the show to discuss a myriad of relevant (and irrelevant) topics. Then George Bissell and Mike Gianella answer listener questions in the first-ever mailbag segment.

Intro: That Fleeting World, “The Alchemist”

Outro: Silent Partner, “Chances”

Everything you need to listen and enjoy this episode can be found below:

Download Here (77 MB; 1:24:00)
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Another layer to the opening banter about outdated references is that it's not clear whether Albright is referring to George Michael the singer, or the old sports highlight show "The George Michael Sports Machine". At any rate, Mike, some of us old fogeys in our forties are out there, enjoying your pre-'90s references (RIP Joanie). Us Gen-Xers have to hold on to *something*, you know? :-)* At least George knows what means, right? Please, dear God, tell me he knows what that means. * George, think of that as an emoji, and you'll be fine.
Well, that's what I get for commenting after only listening to the first five minutes. In the words of Emily Litella: "Never mind" * * George: Ask your parents. Or Mike.
very much fun...glad you all hung in there! so second attempt, but this time will combine it with another question, hopefully seducing you to answering both. 1) what is the music at the end of the broadcast, I want to purchase it somewhere. 2) of the reliability in stabilizing stats, which one, and only one, would you rely on the most in the first, say, three weeks. (btw, heard (sp) on a talk show and he chose one with the highest denominator...don't recall know, but I think it was pitches...if you know...pray tell...okay...count that at three! Martin
oops heard Podhizer

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