“They were all real slow knuckleballs that just happened to drift on
me for whatever reason. They felt good coming out of my hand. It’s
just part of the game and part of the frustration for anybody throwing
the knuckleball.”

Steve Sparks, Angels pitcher, on hitting four batters

“I was trying to establish the inside part of the plate. Maybe I
should have established the fastball for a strike first.”

Ryan Dempster, Marlins pitcher, on hitting three batters

“I know it wasn’t intentional. I know Jaret [Wright]. No hard
feelings. You never try to hit anyone in the head. But that’s not
going to stop the ringing in my head.”

Tony Clark, Tigers infielder


“There’s some mixed emotions. My heart’s kind of hurt, knowing I’m
leaving. But on the other hand, I’m excited about what lies ahead. It
was a tough day saying goodbye to my teammates and Tom Kelly.”

Rick Aguilera, Cubs pitcher

“We just didn’t feel we could go forward without some experience in
the bullpen.”

Jim Riggleman, Cubs manager


“I don’t think they’re committed. I haven’t seen any signs the last
couple of years that ownership is willing to spend money to help us
win ballgames.”

Curt Schilling, Phillies pitcher

“Every fifth day, Curt has the opportunity to go out and
be a horse on the mound. Unfortunately, on the other four days, he
tends to say things which are detrimental to the club and clearly

Ed Wade, Phillies GM


“The pitch on the outside corner is called less often than before.
But the belt-high or above ball is called only occasionally. So that
shrinks the strike zone from what it was last year.”

Dave Duncan, Cardinals pitching coach

“I’m sick of the umpires. If you give up four or five runs in the
first inning something’s wrong, but … don’t squeeze me. I’m tired
of it.”

Jaime Navarro, White Sox pitcher


“I felt pretty good, a little rusty. I’m not used to walking two guys
in one inning. I didn’t have any problems with my arm, I threw all of
my pitches and all them were good. I felt great.”

Jeff Brantley, Phillies pitcher

“It felt very good, no fatigue. I was very glad. I thought I’d be

Joe Torre, Yankees manager

“It’s just a blessing to know that I’m starting to heal. That’s the
best I’ve felt since I got into camp.”

Tom Gordon, Red Sox pitcher


“We feel confident. No one’s running away with it in this division,
but you have to get to the .500 mark before you can make a run.”

Jose Canseco, Devil Rays DH

“We need to take advantage of the struggling Yankees like Boston is.”

Roy Halladay, Blue Jays pitcher

“There’s a certain satisfaction to know you’re on top, but yet you
know there’s a long way to go. We’ve just combined good pitching and
good hitting, whereas before we just did one or the other.”

Mike Stanley, Red Sox infielder

“I’m not surprised the Red Sox are leading the division. They’ve been
getting outstanding pitching and pesky hitting.”

Jim Fregosi, Blue Jays manager


“All I know is it’s a long season, a marathon, and I’m ready for that

Mark McGwire, Cardinals infielder

“I’ve just got to regroup, get it together, get it going again.
There’s still a lot of time left.”

Greg Maddux, Braves pitcher, on his 5.02 ERA

“We just need to try to hold our heads up high and do the best we
can. That’s all we can do.”

Cliff Floyd, Marlins outfielder

“My head is here, my heart is not. I played the game with integrity,
played hard and played hurt.”

Jeff King, on his retirement

“I’ve had some good starts. I’ve just got some bad luck going my
way right now. I’ve got to start producing my own good luck.”

Chris Holt, Astros pitcher, on being 0-6

“I think they made a mistake when they sent me down. I’m trying to
show people what I can do. I’m trying to show everyone they made the
wrong decision. I have something to prove to everybody.”

Jose Guillen, Pirates outfielder

“I’m nothing special offensively. All I can do to contribute
offensively is get on base. I’m not going to drive in a lot of runs.
Regardless of where I’m hitting, I try to be on base when the big
guys come up.”

Walt Weiss, Braves infielder

“To be undefeated for that long, it’s pretty special. You have to be
good, you have to be lucky, you have to be consistent.”

Roger Clemens, Yankees pitcher, on winning his 18th straight

“There seems to be some kind of paranoia about me pitching more than
one inning. I don’t really agree with it. I’m trained and conditioned
to pitch more than that. I pitched multiple innings for seven or eight
years of my career.”

Jeff Montgomery, Royals pitcher

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