“It’s probably one of the largest challenges I’ve faced since I’ve
been manager here.”

Dusty Baker, Giants manager

“We’re missing a big part of our offense. I know he doesn’t want to
be there and he’ll be back as soon as he possibly can. Now we have to
go do what we can without him.”

Shawn Estes, Giants pitcher

“We’re hopeful it will be on the shorter end of 10 weeks rather than
the longer end.”

Mark Letendre, Giants trainer

“Only air is invincible.”

Barry Bonds, Giants outfielder


“It’s real easy to pitch when you have an eight-run lead in the
second inning.”

Darren Dreifort, Dodgers pitcher

“The team scores that many runs, it’s going to be a fun year. We’re
hot right now. Once you get some runs to work with, the whole thing
changes for me. My job is to limit the damage.”

John Smoltz, Braves pitcher

“It’s nice when you score runs early instead of late. You don’t relax
as a starter but you know you’ve got the lead.”

Chad Ogea, Phillies pitcher

“It’s tough when you get a lead like that. You try to think like it’s
0-0, but it’s hard. You just don’t want to lay the ball up there.
Maybe that’s why I walked eight guys; trying to keep from laying it
up there.”

Ken Hill, Angels pitcher


“I’m lucky I didn’t get anybody killed out there.”

Paul Spoljaric, Phillies pitcher, on giving up 8 runs in 2

“[Jeff Suppan] walked the leadoff batter and that’s death in itself
in a two-run game.”

Tony Muser, Royals manager

“It’s not a do-or-die situation, but I think it’s important that we
beat the Yankees. I think it’s important to our ballclub because,
No. 1, we need to let the Yankees know we can beat them, and, No. 2,
we need to let our club know we can beat them.”

Johnny Oates, Rangers manager

“We had a lot of problems throwing strikes today. It kills us when we
get a four-run lead, and start to fall behind in the count because
then we have to start putting them in there and they can hit them out
of the park.”

Bruce Bochy, Padres manager


“What makes him effective is that he throws his pitches no matter what
the count. It is very tough to zero in on one of his pitches or on one
side of the plate.”

Rusty Greer, Rangers outfielder, on David Cone

“I think he’s going to knock down a building or knock out a wall or
something. He hits them so high I think he’s going to hit a planet.”

Dave Martinez, Devil Rays outfielder, on Jose Canseco‘s
home runs

“[Mo Vaughn] lives for the pressure situations. He talks about those
moments in the dugout, yearns for them, and that’s why he’s so great
at those times. Players like Mo are rare. Only the elite athletes live
for those moments.”

Terry Collins, Angels manager

“I wish I had the words to describe it. He’s played like an All-Star
— and that’s not an exaggeration. He’s a veteran player right now.
He’s matured.”

Bobby Valentine, Mets manager, on Todd Pratt

“He’s contributed a lot to our team in all respects. He’s just a good

Jimmy Williams, Red Sox manager, on Jose Offerman

“It amazes me that people are amazed by him. He’s one of the best
players in the game today.”

Mike Hargrove, Indians manager, on Manny Ramirez


“I feel bad about the situation, but I’m going to stand behind this
team. We have plenty enough talent to win. We’ve all been pressing a
little bit. I think if we can get it straightened out here, everyone
will start feeling all right.”

Ray Miller, Orioles manager

“We walked 14 people today. We pitched like a bunch of 12-year-olds.”

Ray Miller

“You keep waiting for a veteran to pick us up and a 22-year-old kid
does it. That’s just what we needed.”

Ray Miller, on a win by Sidney Ponson

“I have a tremendous amount of pride and, boy, is it being taxed. I’m
managing a team that’s 5-16.”

Ray Miller


“Pat Meares is the guy we wanted playing shortstop for the Pittsburgh
Pirates. He’s been a big addition to the ballclub and he’s the type of
player who can help make us a championship team.”

Cam Bonifay, Pirates GM

“We are very pleased to add Brian [Hunter] to our roster. Hunter
will bring speed and a base-stealing threat to the top of our order,
something we have been seeking for several months.”

Woody Woodward, Mariners GM


“My goal is to bunt once a game. It’s part of my job. That’s me. I
bunt and steal bases.”

Tony Womack, Diamondbacks outfielder

“I think you’re being showcased every time you go out there, whether
it’s for yourself or for another team.”

Kenny Rogers, A’s pitcher

“I’ll be put through the wringer before this year is over. I’m going
to be Don Knotts and Telly Savalas all rolled into one. I’m telling
you, I like it, too.”

Jim Leyland, Rockies manager

“We’re going to try to get some volunteers to hit off him … and
I underscore volunteers.”

Don Gullet, Reds pitching coach, on Mark Wohlers

“Before the season, my goal was to get as many complete games as I
could. To get the first one out of the way, it tells me I can go nine
strong innings and pitch well. If I can do that and help the bullpen
out, I can help make sure the team wins.”

Russ Ortiz, Giants pitcher

“It’s too early to start thinking about winning a spot for the
playoffs. We’ve still got a long hill to climb. But the more we
mature, the more we go out there and execute, the better this team
will be.”

Roberto Hernandez, Devil Rays pitcher

“People are going to say what they want. I know I can hit.”

Pokey Reese, Reds infielder

“They’ve been throwing me sliders for the last week and I’m pretty
quick with adjustments — it only took 18 at-bats, two cities and two
time zones.”

Scott Rolen, Phillies infielder

“I love this business. It’s in my blood.”

Mike Morgan, Rangers pitcher

“I made mistakes, that’s true. Did you ever have a speeding ticket?
Does that make you a bad person?”

Jose Canseco, Devil Rays outfielder

“When I go out there I feel like I can win every game. That’s how
confidant I am. My goal is to win 20 games but I know I can win more.
I know I can do it.”

Jose Lima, Astros pitcher

“Forget about wins; I’ll take holds. I don’t even think about my
record and I don’t care how many people know how many holds I have
just as long as the people in here know I can come in and pitch
without blowing a lead for us.”

Dennis Cook, Mets pitcher

“It’s just real disheartening to work as hard as I have and throw as
well as I was throwing and then have this happen. I’m in a new place
where I know they need me. I feel like I’m letting them down.”

Jeff Brantley, Phillies pitcher, on his season-ending
shoulder surgery

“It’s like being away at home.”

Dustin Hermanson, Expos pitcher, on Montreal’s attendance

“That field’s like trying to catch a superball on asphalt.”

JT Snow, Giants infielder, on Olympic Stadium

“The pitching wasn’t good. We were all grossly wild.”

Jim Corsi, Red Sox pitcher

“I’m very happy. Now I feel like I’m joining the team.”

Odalis Perez, Braves pitcher, on his first regular-season win

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