Join Baseball Prospectus, be a part of the BP Prospect Team, and work with other members in support of 2016’s minor league coverage. The BP Prospect Team is looking for motivated individuals across the country who are capable of getting to ballparks in support of video and scouting projects. Successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to work within a team structure while also tackling independent assignments and, most importantly, being eager to learn. The successful candidates will also be ready to spend the season in the field, with an eye toward contributing to overarching reports and prospect vehicles.

Required Skills

  • Within driving distance of a minor league ballpark
  • Baseball Fan/Knowledge of the game
  • Capable of taking video
  • General writing skills

Desired Skills

  • Prior experience (team coverage)
  • In-depth knowledge of the minor leagues or specific teams
  • Radar gun or means to acquiring one
  • 20-plus games in the field

Please send any interest, including cover letter/resume to, care of the BP Prospect Team. The deadline for submission is March 18, 2016.

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I am a third year undergraduate student at McGill from Andover, Massachusetts (near the Lowell Spinners' ballpark). My summer vacation starts in early May and ends at the beginning of September. Would I receive consideration for this job?
As long as you meet the qualifications set forth in the required skills section, you will be considered. Thanks!