Ben and Sam banter about Mike Trout's punctuation, then answer listener emails about the fastest fastball, pennant-race anxiety, Rich Hil, shortstop studs, and a fantasy-league dilemma.

Audio intro: Sloan, "Right or Wrong"
Audio outro: 2Pac, "Only God Can Judge Me"

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I think it is interesting that you were more worried about the fairest way to choose the winner. I had almost exactly the same thought process and thought of going to the second tiebreaker about 10 seconds before you did. This was before the realization that there was $2K riding on the line.

What is interesting is that I presented this to a coworker who is the long-time commish of the office fantasy football league. The difference between how I presented it and how Sam presented it is that I mentioned the prize money up front. His response was simple: split the pot.

I wonder if "split the pot" would have come up if the prize money was brought up sooner, or if bragging rights would still be the main driver. I know I'm more focuses on bragging rights than anything, and I suspect Ben and Sam are the same.
I figured if they wanted ties they wouldn't have multiple levels of tiebreakers in the league rules. The idea of splitting the pot was never suggested in either the loser's letter or appeal or the commissioner's email to me, which further led me to believe that it was not going to settle the matter. Had there not been a second tiebreaker, it would merit a lot of consideration.
My vote goes to awarding the championship to the team with the least points on the bench, as per the constitution. Changing rules mid-season (as this would be) is BAD for the overall league structure.
If the rule was in place and both had ratified, then they agreed to be bound by those rules.

Changing the tiebreaker this offseason should be the recommended outcome.