Hot off the presses, and in advance of this week's keeper deadline in most public leagues, we have a set of rankings to help guide you through your more difficult final keeper decisions. These rankings are derived primarily from publicly available forecasts, as well as the PECOTA forecast, available exclusively to Baseball Prospectus subscribers. Subscribers may also want to look at the SS/SIM rankings in particular, which offer a quantitative counter to this more qualitative document.

The rankings created are for use in standard keeper leagues, which in Scoresheet are continuing 10 team single-league formats with up to two league crossovers. There are many varieties of Scoresheet league, so of course use your own judgment when you use the rankings for your own team. Also, this should probably go without saying, but these rankings are a guide, not a mandate. There are some qualitative assumptions baked into the order, so if you disagree with the rankings, of course we would recommend going with your own thoughts and preferences when setting your keeper list.

Lastly, these rankings will supersede previous rankings posted on our site. We incorporated your feedback and thoughts, as well as the latest PECOTA rankings and some depth chart clarifications, and made a few small changes to the rankings accordingly. We still like Salvador Perez more than you, though. Sorry about that.

View the 2015 TTO Scoresheet Keeper Rankings.

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Awesome gents!
Where are the minor leaguers?
Where is Rusney Castillo (might be answered in answer to first question!)
Hi, thanks!

The best answer is: coming this March. In the interest of getting these out to you in advance of the keeper decisions, we focused on the keeper decisions that matter most in Scoresheet: those of the major leaguers.

For minor leaguers in standard leagues, we generally recommend keeping just about everyone in and or around the top 100, as the cost isn't all that high (just your lowest draft pick). Castillo is a keeper in just about every league, for example.

Hope that helps!
Correct me if I'm wrong (I don't play Scoresheet, but I looked over their site) It appears that Scoresheet fantasy only includes MLB players.
No - you can draft anyone that is part of a major league organization.
Glad to see Neil Walker ranked in the top 40. He may not be flashy but he's gotten better every year and he's been real consistent. Otherwise looks good!
Well. If you ever wanted to hear people talk unreasonably about how much they like Neil Walker, do I ever have a podcast for you...

(it's ours)
Excellent. A global list like this took a ton of work, I'm sure. I salute the effort.
Excellent work guys. Would love to see a combined list to include minor leaguers. Say, for instance, where Bryant would land. For those of us drafting in one year leagues.

This plus SSSIM. Pretty powerful stuff. Congrats.
For some reason, my spreadsheet is in Chinese or Japanese, anyone else have this issue? Thanks.
Thanks guys--could you share your thoughts on why Brett Gardner didn't make the cut?