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"It’s such a great feeling. I was going up and down the
stairs at my house and I don’t think I hit any of the steps.
I just kind of glided up the stairs."

Larry Walker, on winning NL MVP

"[Larry Walker] is the MVP, no question. But I go
out and have the best year in my career and don’t get
in the top five. It’s kind of disappointing, but if you
don’t win it, what’s the point?"

Tony Gwynn, who finished 6th

"Every Rockie in the future, all of us are thankful
to [Larry Walker] for kicking that door down to where
the Rockies players can get proper recognition."

Jerry McMorris, Rockies owner


"This would be a good time to thank Steve Trachsel,
who was a big part of this. At the time, I wasn’t really
happy with him. Now I might give him a call and thank

Scott Rolen, NL ROY winner, joking about the
pitch that ended his 1996 season early and made 1997
his rookie year

"What I really want is a team that’s going to be
in contention and a team that’s going to be able to
afford me."

Pedro Martinez, NL Cy Young Award winner

"It’s special to me. I even told my team that one
time. I just felt we were going to win. If anybody was
going to win in the year of Jackie Robinson, I felt it
might as well be me."

Dusty Baker, on winning NL MOY

"I really love the game. I never really had a hero
growing up. My hero is the game itself. Nothing gives
me greater joy than playing baseball."

Nomar Garciaparra, AL ROY

"I got one for Koby and Kory. I got one for Kasy,
and I needed one for Kody. It kind of takes the
pressure off dad a little bit."

Roger Clemens, on winning the AL Cy Young Award


"Those of us old enough to remember the glory days
of Aaron, Mathews and Logan, and Spahn and Burdette,
view this as coming home."

Bud Selig, Brewers owner

"It’s awesome. We look at that NL Central division
and we can play with all of those teams. St. Louis,
Houston, the Cubs. We can be right there."

Fernando Vina

"The White Sox are like the Oakland Raiders:
they’re good, they wear black and you either love them
or hate them. The Cubs really don’t seem like a threat
because they lose all the time."

Mike Fetters, on changing rivalries

"We are very proud to be the first team in modern
history to change leagues."

Wendy Selig-Prieb, Brewers vice president

"I think it’s a wonderful thing for baseball. It’s
a great day for Milwaukee."

Hank Aaron


"Charlie Hayes is a proven commodity who gives us quality
depth at both third and first base behind Bill Mueller and J.T.
Snow, and also provides the team with another much-needed
right-handed bat in the lineup."

Brian Sabean, Giants GM

"We had been looking for someone to protect Bagwell. When
you put Bagwell, Bell and Alou in the heart of the order, it’s a
pretty awesome trio."

Gerry Hunsicker, Astros GM

"The Marlins have betrayed you. Now it’s time to
betray them back. Boycott opening day. Boycott the
whole season. If you need a baseball fix next year, go
to University of Miami games, where at least they
aren’t asking you to buy a lie."

Dan Le Batard, columnist

"If [Peter] Angelos owned the Rolling Stones, he’d
fire Mick Jagger."

Ken Rosenthal, columnist

"You try to put as much bait in the water as you can
and open as many doors as possible, but it’s hard to go
too many directions."

Bob Gebhard, Rockies GM

"Our position with Randy [Johnson] at this point
is that we’re not shopping him but we will entertain
offers. If the season opened tomorrow, Randy would be
our opening night pitcher."

Chuck Armstrong, Mariners presidnt

"I’ve put four uniforms on now in the last two
years. Whatever uniform I have on I’m going to play

Jim Leyritz

"I thought that, given the circumstances, it was
going to be hard for me to imagine that managing in the
upcoming season would make sense."

Paul Molitor, on declining the Toronto job


"I know there’s a lot of work to be done. I’m
looking forward to it."

Larry Rothschild, Devil Rays manager

"The thing you have to realize about the expansion
draft is that you’re starting with the 16th-best player
in an organization."

Buck Showalter, Diamondbacks manager

"No matter how good the draft is and how well
you’ve prepared, it’s only a small part in the
development of a team. You’re not going to come out of
it with a championship or competitive team."

Chuck LaMar, Devil Rays GM

"It wouldn’t surprise me if we made three or four
trades immediately after the draft. It’s not like we
have to move everyone, but there are no untouchables,
and enough clubs are interested that there’s

Dave Dombrowski, Marlins GM

"All the countless hours we’ve put into this as an
organization will finally be shown. I can’t say enough
how impressed I’ve been with the preparation and hard
work our staff has put in. We want people to be proud
when they call themselves Diamondbacks fans."

Jerry Colangelo, Diamondbacks general partner

"I don’t really feel nervous. I just realize that
we’re going to lose two good players at least."

Sal Bando, Brewers GM


"Everyone knows the last four years have been a stormy period for
professional baseball. The Dodgers are not immune from the financial
losses of the industry. The waves of the industry reach our shores."

Peter O’Malley, Dodgers owner

"I kind of get the feeling that people think all I want to do
is play shortstop. That feeling is all gone. Being pulled away was
difficult to handle at that time. But I have grown from that and
made the adjustment and I enjoyed it. The team was better with me
[at second] and Nomar [Garciaparra] at short."

John Valentin

"I will definitely manage the Florida Marlins next

Jim Leyland, Marlins manager

"It would be a nice way to finish my career by
remembering that I batted cleanup in the game in which
my team won the World Series. But I now am convinced
that I can still help, and if the right situation
presented itself, I would have to think seriously about

Darren Daulton

"I never, never, never said that. Some Dominican
journalist just invented that, just fabricated it, and
I’m going to sue him. Anyone with a tape recorder can
be a journalist here."

Moises Alou, on being quoted as saying he
deserved the World Servies MVP instead of Livan

"Whatever’s best for me and my career, that’s what
I’m going to do. The doctors will keep me posted on
what I can and can’t do, but I want to be back. I
started physical therapy the day after my surgery. I’ll
probably start throwing in two months. You never know."

Alex Fernandez

"That’s one guy I don’t want assessing my baseball
abilities, especially sitting in front of a computer."

Roger Clemens, on Dan Duquette

"I know I had a terrible year and a terrible
record. But I am positive about my pitching next

Hideki Irabu

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