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The second of the deluge of new podcasts here at Baseball Prospectus Fantasy, There is No Off-Season is quite different than its sister podcast, Flags Fly Forever. In this space, we will discuss all things dynasty and long-term keeper related, and nothing but. We will focus on both the major and minor league sides of things, but all within the spectrum of long-term value. You'll learn a lot, at least when we're not spouting off inside jokes and berating Craig–and even maybe then too. Oh, and remember to rate and review us on iTunes.

(We had some audio issues and we apologize for the choppiness

This week's topics:

September Call Ups
Jorge Soler
A Goodbye to Jason Parks
A Goodbye From Us
Steal Ben's Jokes

And everything you need to listen and enjoy is below this line that I'm typing right now:

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