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“It has nothing to do with the curse… History had nothing to do with this game. Nothing.”

Dusty Baker, Cubs manager, after losing Game Six of the NLCS to the Marlins (AP)

“I timed it perfectly. I jumped perfectly… I kept my eyes on the ball, and all of a sudden there’s a hand on my glove, there’s a hand right on top of the ball.”

Moises Alou, Cubs outfielder, on fan Steve Bartman interfering with a foul ball that would have been an out for the Cubs (AP)

“The ball was in the stands… Whether Alou could have caught it or not is questionable, but the ball was in the stands. And when the ball is in the stands, the fans have a right to catch it.”

Jack McKeon, Marlins manager (AP)

“When the fan reached over there and took that out away, it was like we took a sigh… Like we’ve got an extra out to play with. They just gave us one.”

Mike Mordecai, Marlins infielder (AP)

“I know 1945 was a long time ago… I didn’t watch much ESPN back then. I know that.”

Doug Glanville, Cubs outfielder (

“If you parallel that into environmental terms… it’s sort of like we’ve been in the Sahara and the Gobi Deserts. It’s like we’ve been living in the Sahara and vacationing in the Gobi. That’s a lot of time in the desert. So our thirst level is off the charts. We’re tired of seeing the mirages. We need to make it into some sort of reality. But there’s still a lot of desert to traverse-and the camels don’t move too quickly.”
–Glanville (

“The gods of baseball wanted to see this happen.”

Kevin Millar, Red Sox infielder, on the Sox winning Game Six of the ALCS (AP)

“Like Derek told me, ‘The ghosts will show up eventually.'”

Aaron Boone, Yankees infielder, after hitting a walk-off home run to win Game Seven of the ALCS (AP)


“A lot of people have the answers after the results come in.”

Grady Little, Red Sox manager (AP)

“If people want to judge Grady Little on the results of a decision I made in that last game the other day, so be it… In my heart, I know we had a great season here.”

–Little, on leaving Pedro Martinez in too long during Game Seven of the ALCS

“I’ve got people on that field out there throughout that game in the seventh game the other day thinking about Bill Buckner… That’s a tough situation to be in.”


“I’m thankful that it’s me instead of one of my players… If we don’t win the World Series, which is the definition of winning here, somebody’s got to be that man and I’m just glad it’s me instead.”


“Pedro was throwing as well in that seventh and eighth inning as he had the whole game… When he gets into a jam, he’s the one I want out there trying to get out of that jam more than anyone else, as long as he’s got enough left in his arm.”



“But this is one a—— they don’t have to worry about being fired. He don’t have to worry about that ’cause I won’t be back. I’m a human being and I ain’t been treated like one in 11 months.”

Don Zimmer, Yankees bench coach, following the Yankees’ Game Seven win of the ALCS (NY Daily News)

“Go back to Boston boys. Goodbye. They didn’t treat us very well in Boston, but you know, we get the last laugh.”

George Steinbrenner, Yankees owner, on the Red Sox (NY Daily News)

“I don’t bear all the responsibility… I can only control 60 feet, six inches, the other stuff has to be attended to by other people, not me.”

Mike Mussina, Yankees pitcher, after losing 3-2 to the Red Sox in Game Four of the ALCS (NY Daily News)

“Obviously I’ll think about it overnight, he’s been so important to us in the three years that he’s been here, I’m reluctant to think that way.”

Joe Torre, Yankees manager, on dropping Alfonso Soriano from the leadoff spot in the lineup (NY Daily News)

“I’m reluctant because he goes from cold to hot so quick, but he’s struggling right now, there’s no other way to put it.”



“I just don’t see us winning a championship with me in the closing role, but other people do… No doubt it’s tougher on my elbow to do what I was doing as a closer, at the rate I was doing it. I think starting is a lot easier on my elbow.”

John Smoltz, Braves reliever, on the prospect of starting again (AP)

“Obviously, Terrence is personally frustrated with a disappointing season… Terrence is accountable for his own performance. Maybe what’s needed here is a mirror. I think his comments are way off base.”

Billy Beane, Athletics general manager, on outfielder Terrence Long demanding a trade (

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