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I won't vouch for these numbers 100% because I did it with a piece of scratch paper and tally marks, but it is indeed true that Zachary does have the most guest appearances on EW, tied with Paul Sporer (7 each). Woj and I have both made 6 guest appearances. Ken Funck has been on 5 times. A whole bunch of people are 4-timers (Ian Miller, Doug Thorburn, Matthew Kory, Jason Parks, and Geoff Young). Colin Wyers, Jay Jaffe, and Will Woods have all been on 3 times. The first on-air guest was Marc Normandin (episode 57). The first voice other than Ben or Sam to appear was Ian Miller on Episode 8, co-hosting in Ben's absence (from what I can tell, the only show that Ben missed), creating a Miller vs. Miller dynamic. Woj and I have guest hosted thrice each, along with single guest host appearances by Will Woods, Zachary Levine, and Ian. There were two simulcast episodes with FanGraphs, so I guess Carson Cistulli was a two-time co-host. We should probably also acknowledge Pete Barrett and Nick Wheatley-Schaller who each produced 30 segments during the season-previews.