Dan Brooks, a long-time friend of Baseball Prospectus and creator of the website, as well as BP utilities such as the PITCHf/x Leaderboards, the PITCHf/x Matchups Tool, and the Bullpen (Mis)management Tool, is taking on an expanded role at Prospectus. Along with continuing to run, Dan will be contributing to BP as a Data Scientist, helping to develop new ways to explore baseball data.

Dan will be part of the existing stats team, which includes Rob McQuown and Harry Pavlidis. He will also work closely with Jason Parks and the Prospect Staff as BP develops new features to enhance our comprehensive coverage and analysis of professional and amateur prospects.

Together, Harry, Rob, and Dan plan to refine the existing pitching metrics at BP, continue development of the RPM catching valuation metrics, create data-centric tools to better understand prospect development, and more tightly integrate the existing BP infrastructure with the state-of-the-art improvements to pitch tracking data that can be found at and

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Good news!
It's a good thing there's no salary cap in sports reporting, because this move would put BP over the cap. What a great addition to the team. This is why BP stays on top of the standings every year.
Excited to see what Dan adds to an already stellar cast of characters.
Ya'll just seem to get better all the time. This is why when I'm old, retired and eating cat food, BP will be the last fantasy BB resource I jettison in favor of one more can of kibbles.
Great work Joe, though I am a bit bemused as to how Dan isn't working for a major league organisation though!
This is very good news. I use Brooks BB a lot before deciding when to pick up a player in FB.

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