Erick Aybar's clever baserunning has earned e-ink before, but what he did in last night's game against the Mariners marks a new personal best.

In the first inning, with the Angels up 1-0 and Aybar on first base, David Freese hit a harmless pop-fly to the shallow outfield. Second baseman Nick Franklin caught the ball and the Mariners defense threw the ball around the horn like usual. Once Brandon Maurer returned to the mound, it was clear that this was not the ordinary play.

Nobody had called time on the field. Aybar, ever aware, seemed to be the only one who noticed. He saw the Mariners middle infielders had their backs turned and were more worried about positioning themselves for the next batter, so he took off for second base. By the time Franklin made a move to the bag, he was engaged in a footrace he had no prayer of winning. Just like that, Aybar had swiped second base without a throw in between at-bats.

Here's how the scene unfolded in GIF form, courtesy of Marc Normandin:

Aybar didn't score in the inning, leaving the play without a real impression on the final score. Still, you have to give him credit for a heads-up play.

Glove tap to Marc Normandin for the GIF.

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got to love heads-up baserunning. wish more players would spring this on distracted infields. just traded for aybar in fantasy too, good to see this kind of performance

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