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Ben and Sam answer listener emails about the Scouting Bureau and scouting departments, stats and the mainstream media, genetic testing, and more.

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Thanks for the answer on a last minute question guys. I meant more of that that CPI or GDP are common place on front page stories. While I am relatively advanced in my education in Economics, the exact way to calculate in unclear to nearly all. We understand that the BLS refer to a "basket of goods", but that is quite selection term. Nearly all people are aware of the concept of inflation, but a significant minority are aware of how it would be calculate and only a select few are aware in how it is actually calculated. But a common citizen would use the CPI to talk about inflation at the holiday dinner table and trust the metric. My point was: If WAR was common in the mainstream media, would this become common? Why don't average reader argue over the dinner table whether Miguel Cabrera and Jason Heyward has been better because their WAR is close, even if they don't understand how WAR or WARP is calculated: people how discuss say inflation or GDP are uneducated in how they are calculated. They simply trust the experts and these metrics and use them to argue their points instead of arguing that these metrics are too complicated or dumb. For example someone complaining about a cold winter in NYC and say global warming doesn't exist would just be dumb and misinformed.

But if someone said Player A was batting .200 with an OBP of .400 and and SLG of .500, but was garage because he was batting .200 and was batting .150 with RISP. That would be foolish, but accepted in the mainstream media and a dumb narrative would be created around it.
Essentially, baseball is - to the overwhelming majority - a form of pure entertainment. People (again - the overwhelming majority) want their entertainment to be easily graspable and lack complication.
I'd still like my team revenue drive player salary to be discussed at some point. I understand if it is a bad question or complicated, but I thought it was something to ask and think about,