Last month, Baseball Prospectus partnered with Rob Neyer and other fine minds at FOX Sports to provide some exclusive content for the Fox Sports website throughout the 2014 season. Our goal was to generate revenue and brand awareness without compromising the BP experience for our subscribers, so unless you follow Baseball Prospectus on Twitter or visit regularly (both of which we would encourage you to do), there’s no reason why you would have noticed anything new.

We’re currently contributing one exclusive article a week, with the talking stick rotating among a trio of authors. These articles have been in addition to those authors’ regular work at Baseball Prospectus, so we’re not running any less content here as a result of this arrangement—we’ve simply overclocked ourselves. However, even though this is bonus content, it’s by the same people whose bylines appear at BP, so we’d like to let you know about it.

Below you’ll find links to the four BP exclusives for Fox Sports from April. I’d provide synopses, but the titles don’t leave a lot to the imagination.

4/10: Has trend toward extensions reduced rate of roster turnover? (Ben Lindbergh)

4/15: How bad can a player’s season be without spoiling shot at HOF? (Sam Miller)

4/22: Why doesn’t Big Papi exploit infield shift by bunting? (Russell A. Carleton)

4/29: When is a hot (or cold) start actually safe to call a trend? (Russell A. Carleton)