“My curve was moving too much, and they weren’t swinging at it… I did my best, and we did, too. We just need to come back and win.”

Esteban Loaiza, White Sox pitcher, on his 5-2 loss to the Twins on Wednesday (AP)

“We’ve got to win the next two games… No doubt about it.”

Jerry Manuel, White Sox manager (AP)

“I said, ‘You know what? Kenny’s going to turn up a good one tonight. I just feel it.'”

Rick Anderson, Twins’ pitching coach, after Minnesota’s 4-2 win against the Sox on Thursday (AP)

“Mathematically, we’re still in it… We have a chance-it’s slim.”

–Manuel, after Thursday’s loss (AP)

“It’s frustrating… I felt good coming into the game, but I pretty much felt lost tonight.”

Jon Garland, White Sox pitcher, after Thursday’s loss (AP)

“There’s still time left… But we’ve got to run the table.”

–Manuel, after the Sox’ 5-3 loss to the Twins on Friday (AP)

“What can I say? It’s demoralizing.”

Carl Everett, White Sox outfielder (AP)


“I knew in my heart I was doing the right thing… Look at what happened to the San Francisco Giants in 1993. They had a tremendous season, won 100 games. And didn’t even get into the playoffs. That’s just not fair.”

Bud Selig, MLB commissioner, on instituting the Wild Card (Long Beach Press-Telegram)

“Look what happened last season with the Angels. They won 99 games and finished four behind Oakland. In the old days, the Angels wouldn’t have qualified for the playoffs. But because of the wild card they did, and we all know what they did in the playoffs. You can’t believe how many people came up to me during the World Series in Anaheim and said, ‘Thanks, commissioner, for the wild card.”


“Baseball was headed for economic ruination if it had remained doing business the same way it always had done. No doubt about it changes had to be made.”


“This sport is having a tremendous renaissance at the moment. The other day I was honored at a dinner with the football commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, in Washington D.C. While George Will was introducing me, he said, ‘People talk about the so-called Golden Era of baseball. Well, baseball is having its Golden Era right now.”


“I think our future is bright… I know I’m proud of what’s happening in our sport, and all the heartache, the criticism and the travail has been worth it. I think the All-Star game turned out to be a tremendous success, and Mike Scisocia managed it like he was in the World Series. After the game, Larry Lucchino (CEO of the Red Sox) e-mailed me and said, ‘You’re Harry Truman.’ That really made me feel good.'”



“I’m so overwhelmed. I can’t tell you how much this means to me.”

Ron Santo, former Cub, on having his number retired by the team (AP)

“I don’t care if I get into the Hall of Fame. This is my Hall of Fame. And I really mean it. I can’t explain it, but this is the ultimate.”


“All those years I’ve played, all those years I’ve broadcast, they never broke my heart. That’s how much I love the Cubs.”


“If I hadn’t had this when my troubles started, I don’t know if I would have survived… I really mean that. It’s therapy. And I don’t think about anything else.”


“For me to be up there, with (Williams and Banks), even without being in the Hall of Fame, I know the people in Chicago believe I belong in the Hall of Fame… And that’s all that matters to me.”


“There’s nothing more important to me in my life than this happening to me… I’m a Cubbie. I’ll always be a Cubbie.”



“He’s got the best stuff, plain and simple… Although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Loaiza get it if he wins 20 games and the White Sox win the division.”

Shane Halter, Tigers infielder, on Cy Young candidate Roy Halladay (AP)

“They’re two pitchers with good stuff who keep you off-balance… Halladay, though, is almost like Roger Clemens in that when he really needs to, he can pump it up a few more miles per hour.”

Warren Morris, Indians infielder, comparing Esteban Loaiza to Halladay (AP)

“They’re both deserving… But I think it’s easier to hit off Loaiza.”

–Brandon Inge, Tigers catcher, who’s 0-for-10 against Halladay in 2003 (AP)

“It’s hard to get past the fact that he’s the Blue Jays’ stopper… You could make an argument that the White Sox have had a couple of other starters do well in Bartolo Colon and Mark Buehrle.”

A.J. Hinch, Tigers catcher (AP)

“The biggest reason would be the impact he’s had on his club… I think Halladay is the better pitcher, but you have to look at what Loaiza’s done for the White Sox and know they wouldn’t be where they are without him.”

Bobby Higginson, Tigers outfielder (AP)


“I don’t like to give pitchers much credit, but he’s really good… That ball jumps right on you… it’s just on you before you know what’s happening. Then he mixes in that great curveball and you’re basically just up there guessing and hoping.”

Tike Redman, Pirates outfielder, on Mark Prior (AP)

“(Jamie Moyer) is a great example of pitching instead of throwing… He’s an athlete and at 40, he does more than guys 15 years younger can do.”

Buck Showalter, Rangers manager (AP)

“They [the White Sox] say that we swing the bats aggressively. And they don’t have to throw us strikes. Unfortunately, one thing we can do is read the papers.”

Ron Gardenhire, Twins manager (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

“Terrible. Worst team I’ve ever seen in my life. That’s what happens when you get (acting co-general managers) Brad Kullman and Leland Maddox running the team. They’re freaking terrible… I would be pretty disturbed if I paid for season tickets and had to go watch a team like that play.”

Scott Williamson, Red Sox reliever, on his former team, the Cincinnati Reds (AP)

“I understand his frustration. It’s been a frustrating experience for everyone. But every move we’ve made is an effort to maximize our ability to bounce back strongly next year.”

Brad Kullman, Reds co-GM, on Williamson’s comments

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