"I didn’t want to make the error, but the Lord
allowed it to happen."

Tony Fernandez

"You’re looking at a backup catcher from Double A.
I’ve finally arrived at the pinnacle of this sport
tonight, so there’s hope for all those guys out there.
Don’t give up."

Jim Leyland, Marlins manager

"I don’t think it was as bad as everyone thought it
would be. I wasn’t cold at all."

Matt Williams, on the games in Cleveland

"This is definitely the best day of my life.
I’m very, very happy. I got to cry with my mother,
talk to her a little bit, and then win a World Series.
This is better than a dream."

Livan Hernandez, who was also named Series

"I racked up the numbers. Everybody could see my
performance on offense and defense during the Series,
and everywhere I go people tell me I was the Most
Valuable Player."

Moises Alou, unhappy about the Series MVP

"It’s more disappointing than you can say, but
we’re still breathing."

Mike Hargrove, Indians manager

"Last year when I went home to Colombia, they
gave me a parade. This year… I don’t know. It will
be explosive."

Edgar Renteria


"The reason I did this is I want the Phillies to
be able to protect a younger player that will help us
be a better team."

Gregg Jefferies, on waiving his protection
rights for the expansion draft

"I don’t know what they can possibly go through that
I haven’t. I’ve been traded. I’ve been released. I’ve
been a 20-game winner and I’ve been a zero [game]
winner. So when it comes to relating to players, I
don’t think I’ll have any problems."

Dave Stewart, on being named Padres pitching

"I just want to pitch. If Eck can do it at 43, I
can do it, too."

Lee Smith, on making a comeback

"Becoming the Dodgers’ major-league pitching coach
was my dream job. I have a chance now to expand my
horizons in the game and make myself a more complete
baseball man."

Dave Wallace, on being named assistant GM of
the Mets

"We had pretty much anticipated he’d be out perhaps
all year long anyway. But as far as not having a
complete tear, and not being a career-ending injury,
that’s good news."

Dave Dombrowski, Marlins GM, on injured
pitcher Alex Fernandez

"There will be a change next year. This is one of
those rare situations in life where everybody benefits."

Bud Selig, acting commissioner, on speeding
up the game

"If the politicians don’t want to build a new
stadium, who in their right mind would continue to
lose $34 million a year?"

Wayne Huizinga, Marlins owner

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