Ben and Sam introduce a new sponsor, then preview the White Sox' season with Ken Funck, and Nick talks to White Sox insider Dan Hayes (at 27:44).

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Your all your appreciation of BR keeping you logged in, you should look into making your site actually keep you logged in.

I've literally been reading an article and clicked on a player mentioned to check out projection/stats and have already been logged out.
"Tomorrow I'll be talking with [missed the name], who covers the Pittsburgh Pirates..." Say what? Surely you're not saying that Pittsburgh is the next worst team in baseball after the White Sox, are you? Please tell me these interviews are done significantly out of rank order, or there'll be a pretty severe credibility hit to this whole process.
Why? As great as the Pirates season was in 2013, there is so much there that screams, "REGRESSION!"
There'll be some regression, maybe a great deal of regression. However, I can see no reasonable ranking system that puts them behind all of Toronto, Seattle, LA Angels, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, San Diego and Colorado. I am by no means a Pirates fan, but they're just clearly better than those teams, and probably better than several others as well.

Anyway, the next episode features Philadelphia instead (reasonably), so either things are indeed out of order or Nick simply misspoke. It happens.
He was off by one day, it seems.