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“The biggest thing for me is I don’t like giving up outs… When you’re in the American League, one run usually doesn’t decide a game. You need to keep tacking on. And I’ll be honest with you, who the heck can bunt today? We work on it and they still can’t bunt. We don’t want to be the ones wasting time on it.”

J.P. Ricciardi, Blue Jays general manager, on bunting (New York Times)

“I believe there’s still a place for bunting… I still believe there are situations where you want to do it. I respect the beliefs of those who don’t agree with it, but I think it can be a weapon.”

Brian Cashman, Yankees general manager (New York Times)

“If I tell a guy to hit a homer to win a game for us, he couldn’t do it… It would be outrageous for me to ask that. But if I tell him to bunt a guy over, he should be able to do that. It’s really sad when you need a sac bunt and a player can’t execute it.”

Felipe Alou, Giants manager (New York Times)

“In the American League, where the lineups are so deep, you’re going to have a guy hitting eighth or ninth who can hit the ball out of the park… We’re second in the league in runs scored. We must be doing something right.”


“They feel silly bunting. They got $2 million weight rooms. They don’t want to bunt. They want to juice the ball. That’s what’s fashionable.”

Maury Wills, former Dodger, on contemporary ballplayers (New York Times)

“The guys with speed should utilize it more… The bunt puts pressure on the defense. The threat of it puts pressure on the defense.”



“That was about as good a performance by any pitcher against anybody as you’re likely to see… He was pinpoint perfect, and his stuff was good, and that’s a deadly combination. That was certainly the first game we didn’t get a hit out of the infield. He was on top of his game.”

Grady Little, Red Sox manager, on Tim Hudson’s two-hit shutout against the Red Sox (AP)

“It was almost like he was using a scuffed ball. He was that good. He pitched well enough to pitch a perfect game, almost. That was definitely the best game we’ve seen all year.”

Johnny Damon, Red Sox outfielder, on Hudson (AP)

“You’re not going to win a baseball game if you don’t score.”

Ron Gardenhire, Twins manager, after being shut out by the Indians for 14 consecutive innings (AP)


“It’s nice to be in the position we’re in knowing we haven’t played up to our potential.”

Shawn Green, Dodgers outfielder (AP)

“It’s hard to say you get left out on a team as bad as ours. If you can’t play for a team that bad, who can you play for?”

Matt Lawton, Indians outfielder, on whether or not there will be a spot for him in the Indians lineup (AP)


“I absolutely didn’t say enough to warrant getting thrown out of this game… All I said was he (Renteria) bunted through a pitch, it’s not that hard of a call-and he threw me out.”

Lloyd McClendon, Pirates manager, on being thrown out of his fourth game of 2003 (AP)

“I’m sure the (umpires’) report that goes to the league office will be written up differently than what really happened. I’m sure it will say I cussed them and everything else. That’s what makes me mad-all they ever do is take the other guy’s word.”



“He can play first base and he’s got a quality bat off the bench… He’s almost a lifetime .300 hitter. He’s got a good personality.”

Jim Hendry, Cubs general manager, on acquiring Randall Simon from the Pirates

“He will play who’s hot. He’s got really good instincts with that.”

–Hendry, on who he thinks manager Dusty Baker will play at first


“I love baseball. I love to teach baseball. I love young players. I love veteran players. I’d like to rebuild something… I think I proved that I can handle people and I learned some things in those four and a half years (of managing the Reds in the late 1980s) that would help me become a better manager if I ever had the chance again.”

Pete Rose, former major-leaguer, on his desire to manage (

“I think I can be an asset to baseball because, there again, we know we made some mistakes, but there again, I think everybody will admit that I love the game of baseball and I approach the game of baseball the way you’re supposed to approach the game of baseball and I love young players because they give you all of that enthusiasm.”


“Whether anybody wants to admit it, my name is synonymous with baseball because of what I accomplished on the field and because I played for 24 years… I’ve been on the cover of Sports Illustrated 19 times, and I’m ugly, so people recognize me. And they put two and two together and one’s Pete Rose and the other is baseball.”


“Is there an owner that would give me an opportunity? I have to think so… I don’t want to sound cocky or brash or anything, but there’s two things I’m going to bring to the table-I’m going to win, and I’m going to put people in the seats. If you’re not interested in doing any of those things, don’t call my number.”



“I’m not a very mental person. I’m not very smart, and you’ll notice that more if I’m around here longer. I don’t get paid to think; if I was, I’d be broke. So if the phone rings in the bullpen, I’ll answer it.”

Tom Martin, Dodgers reliever (L.A. Times)

“Some people like skinny women. I like fat women. Some people like young women. I like older women. Some people like poor women. I like rich women… Some people like clean hats. I like my dirty hat.”

Julian Tavarez, Pirates pitcher (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

“Chuck and duck, when I’m facing him, I want no single guys playing the infield behind me. I don’t want anyone losing a husband or a father.”

David Weathers, Mets pitcher, on facing Barry Bonds (Newark Star-Ledger)

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