I'm happy to announce that Dollar Sign on the Muscle will be available in e-book and paperback formats in late October.

Dollar Sign on the Muscle is Kevin Kerrane's groundbreaking book on the world of baseball scouting. Long out of print and available only for a lot of money in the secondary market, Dollar Sign was named one of the 100 Best Sports Books of All Time by Sports Illustrated. For the Baseball Prospectus edition, Kerrane spent much of 2013 visiting ballparks and talking to scouts, assaying the changes in the scouting landscape. He covers his findings in a wide-ranging, brand-new chapter of the book. You'll also find extensive updates to the whereabouts of the important characters from the original Dollar Sign, and a Foreword by Houston Astros Pro Scouting Coordinator Kevin Goldstein.

The Dollar Sign on the Muscle e-book will be available from for Kindle devices and the iTunes bookstore for iPad and iPhone, and you can also buy it directly from us. The e-book will be produced in DRM-free PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats, and your purchase directly from Baseball Prospectus gives you unlimited access to each of these formats. The price is $11.89, and if you pre-order the e-book from us, you'll also get free access to the PDF versions of Best of Baseball Prospectus Vol 1 and Best of Baseball Prospectus Vol 2a $15.90 value.

We'll be running a series of excerpts and other material, including chats, with Kevin Kerrane throughout October at We'll have more information on the new edition of Dollar Sign on the Muscle throughout the month.

Pre-order your copy now!