"Our ownership has established its desire to take this team to
the next level, and Mo [Vaughn] is the type of individual who relishes
that challenge."

Terry Collins, Angels manager

"Some might look at this and think we’re done. That’s not the

Bill Bavasi, Angels GM

"Maybe I’ll write a book just about these last few weeks."

Mo Vaughn, Angels infielder

"The Red Sox thank Mo for his time with us."

Kevin Shea, Red Sox spokesman


"We met with Randy, his wife, his two agents, and were left
feeling it was a two-team race, between the Angels and Diamondbacks. I
think they may have used us all to get the price higher in Arizona,
but if that’s true, we feel a little less used than the Dodgers and

Anonymous Angels executive

"When you can improve your staff … with the addition of a Randy
Johnson and the others, that gives you a chance to compete right now.
There isn’t any reason to wait four or five years."

Jerry Colangelo, Diamondbacks owner

"By 2000, I assume we’ll be competing for a wild card at worst."

Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks pitcher

"Now that I know what he’s making, I’m going to get him out on
the golf course and lighten his wallet a little."

Jeff Fassero, Mariners pitcher


"I’m very happy the whole thing is over with. Now I can
concentrate on my team defending the title."

Bernie Williams, outfielder, on re-signing with the Yankees

"You look at the situation the last two years, October rolls
around and you’re out there working on your golf game. That just
didn’t sit well with me. It was a situation where I weighed all my
options and I felt Baltimore was my best option."

Albert Belle, outfielder, on signing with the Orioles

"He gives us that protection at a valuable and necessary

John Schuerholz, Braves GM, on re-signing Ozzie Guillen

"He didn’t want to call their bluff, so he instructed me to get
the multiyear deal. He’s happy to stay in San Diego, even at a reduced
rate. San Diego pulled off the San Diego discount. Some players they
can do that to. Some they can’t."

Alan Meersand, agent, on the 3-year, $7.8 million contract
signed by Chris Gomez

"We went into the offseason looking to upgrade our offense and
with the addition of [Bobby] Bonilla and Robin [Ventura], we feel we
have done that dramatically."

Steve Phillips, Mets GM

"I feel very confident with my health and I’m comfortable with
being able to play at a high level for three years."

B.J. Surhoff, utility player, on re-signing with the Orioles


"I think baseball is real important, but family is more important."

Roberto Alomar, infielder, on being reunited with his brother
Sandy in Cleveland

"I don’t want to be on the West Coast for another couple of years.
I can make it another year easily, but that’s too far to be away from
my kids."

Kenny Rogers, A’s pitcher

"That was the deciding factor. I wanted to be here with my kids.
They’re at an age where daddy needs to be home with them."

Brian Jordan, outfielder, on signing with the Braves


"I prefer to look at our pitching as what it is. It’s a very
solid rotation. We have two young kids that still have a chance to do
great things for us."

John Hart, Indians GM

"Hopefully, we can direct some of that money to fight leukemia.
Unfortunately, I lost a brother to leukemia in 1981 and I think this
is a great time to give back."

Todd Stottlemyre, Diamondbacks pitcher, on donating $1
million to the United Way

"If that goes into player development, fine. If that goes into owners’
pockets, that’s wrong."

George Steinbrenner, Yankees owner, on revenue sharing

"The gate is very important, and we had a lot of empty seats last
year. You can’t keep spending money if people don’t come to the
ballpark, but I’m not putting it on the fans. You’ve also got to win."

Ron Schueler, White Sox GM

"There’s a tendency to look at the bottom line, that you have
only $40 million or $43 million and say you have no chance. I think
you have to look a little deeper. You don’t need to be at $60 million
to compete."

Gord Ash, Blue Jays GM

"I didn’t throw as well as I did in Detroit, but a lot of that has
to do with a lack of run support. When you go out there every inning and
with every pitch the game is on the line, it’s tough to make a perfect
pitch the whole game. That’s the way I felt I had to pitch."

Willie Blair, Tigers pitcher, on his brief stay in Arizona

"My heart tells me I’ve done what I can do on the field and in
this game. I’m happy to leave it playing my last season in a Twins

Paul Molitor, on his retirement

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