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To answer a question raised, it took me 93 tries, 65 tries, 30 tries, 62 tries, 83 tries, and 64 tries with a random number generator to get all eight teams a championship. So on average, 66 years.
I wrote some (simple) Python code to generate a random number from 0 to 29 and stop after all the numbers from 0 to 7 have been generated. (Each random number generated represents a season.) Then I put this is a loop and did it 10,000 times. I ran this several times, and every time I got a mean of 80, 81 or 82 (but almost always 82). I'll bet the average is closer to 82 than 66.
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I'm surprised and disappointed at the answers to the kickstarter question. Kickstarting a campaign for improved analytics is at best frosting on a cake that is already being eaten. By FAR the most value from a kickstarter campaign would be education, education, education, at the absolute grass-roots level. If every Little League outfit, particularly those serving communities where there is currently little organized ball, had a paid "club pro" equivalent to what golf has, you'd be amazed at the surge in both interest and talent level of incoming players. I could really get behind a kickstarter like that.
Kickstarter: Buy the Marlins.