One of the oldest offerings at Baseball Prospectus is the Team Audit, handily available from the home page by selecting a team and clicking "Audit Team." Doing so for the top team in the list (organized alphabetically), it's immediately apparent that this page is chock full of a wide variety of information:

Even without going further, you can see the team's day-by-day results (in the form of Sparklines) at the top, followed by a snapshot of the divisional race, including how each team is doing in relation to its Pythagenport record and Hit List rank. There's also a quick reminder of the team's top prospect entering the current season, and a link to the prospect review for the team.

(Many concepts on the Team Audit page aren't immediately clear, so look for the die-cast question marks to click for more information!)

Then there are some salient team facts about the current season, followed by the Depth Chart projections for the team's division, which function as quick looks backward and forward:

The team pages conclude with the top hitters and pitchers for the current season and then a complete list of all hitters and pitchers—much of the same information that can be found on the sortable statistics pages when filtering by team.

Some league-level information is accessible by clicking on "2013 Standings," and that page can be used to navigate to other teams instead of the pull-down team menu, if desired.

See anything missing that you think is a "must-have" on a team audit page? Comments are always welcome!

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