“That wasn’t my intention in my heart for that to
happen… I was just trying to get a tap at the costume and for her to
finish the race.”
Randall Simon, Pirates infielder, on
beating the sausage (AP)

“I thought at the moment they were trying to play with
us. They were running right next to the players… I’m a fun player, and
I’ve never hurt anyone in my life.”

“We figured something was going to happen when Bud
Selig talks about it on ‘SportsCenter’… Three games is not unreasonable.
We just want him to serve it and get back as soon as possible.”

Jack Wilson, Pirates infielder, on Simon’s suspension

“It’s not like he meant to assault the mascot. But
major league baseball players are role models and major league baseball
had to do something about it.”

“It’s not like it’s happened before… There’s no bar
to measure it by as reasonable or unreasonable.”

“I’m certainly not happy with the suspension… We are
playing a first-place club. We’ve gotten ourselves back into the race. I
would like to have my first baseman in there against this team.”

Lloyd McClendon, Pirates manager, on Simon’s suspension

“It’s very difficult to swallow. I guess baseball
thinks they need to make a statement to show they care and this is their
way of doing it.”


“It’s a publicity deal… He’s just trying to cover
his (rear end) for what happened last year.”
Phil Nevin,
Padres outfielder, on Bud Selig’s plan to make the All-Star game “count”
(San Diego Union Tribune)

“I don’t like this so-called solution at all…
Home-field advantage in the World Series is too significant to attach to a
midseason game played by guys from every team, most of whom won’t be
playing in October.”
Joe Morgan, ESPN broadcaster and
Hall of Fame infielder, on the new All-Star Game format (AP)

“One thing has nothing to do with the other.”

Carlos Delgado, Blue Jays first baseman, on the All-Star
Game and the World Series (AP)

“I like the idea of the game having more
significance… Home field advantage is a big plus.”
, Devil Rays manager (AP)


“Because I’m a grown man and I don’t have to do it.”

Barry Bonds, Giants outfielder, on why he’s not
participating in this year’s Home Run Derby (

“Did Michael Jordan play in the slamfest every year?
…Nobody asked him why. I’m 30-something years old. They didn’t even ask
me. Go ahead and get mad at me. Say what you want, but no.”


“It’s not about the money. I don’t need that… I
just need to get a treadmill so I can stay in shape. I’ll be one of those
fat asses if I don’t keep myself running or something. That DH can make
you lazy. ”
–Bonds, on why he stays in the game

“I can go catch the ball. I can’t throw it anymore,
but I’ll catch the ball…”


“The guy is tough… He throws at 80 mph, then a
70-mph changeup. How are you going to stay up with this guy? Every pitch
he throws is tough.”
Melvin Mora, Orioles outfielder, on
All-Star pitcher Jamie Moyer (AP)

It’s not my decision, but there’s a strong argument
for him to start, numbers-wise… He’s kind of a sentimental favorite
because he’s been around longer than some of the other guys.”

Bob Melvin, Mariners manager, on Moyer (AP)

“He can make hitters as uncomfortable as Randy
Johnson or Pedro Martinez.”
Bryan Price, Mariners
pitching coach, on Moyer (AP)

“He’s an
outstanding student of the game, with an incredible understanding of his
own abilities. He doesn’t try to pitch outside of his strengths… He’s
willing to throw any of his pitches to either side of the plate in any
situation… It takes a lot of guile and confidence to do that because
he’s facing some very good hitters in the American League.”

–Price, on Moyer


“It’s like it’s taboo or something, that you
shouldn’t be doing this… I still have the ability and desire, so why
not? Just because your birth certificate says you were born in 1962, it
doesn’t mean you’re finished.”
Jamie Moyer, Mariners
pitcher, on making the All-Star team (AP)

“It’s my first year. It’s all happening so fast and
I’m just trying to stay as level-headed as I can about it… An All-Star
is an All-Star. They’re not going to put, ‘he was the last man added.’ I
could care less if it was at the last minute. I thought they were joking
and then I almost started just crying because I was so overwhelmed and
everyone was so happy for me and that meant a lot.”
, Marlins pitcher, on being selected for his first All-Star game

“I don’t feel like I need to go redeem myself in
Chicago…I don’t need to go back and show anybody up. Whatever happened,
happened. I don’t miss Chicago, I don’t think about Chicago. I definitely
got the better end of the deal.”
Keith Foulke, Athletics
reliever, on making the AL All-Star team (SF Chronicle)


“We have a number of relievers here getting deep with
more appearances… We have to get more careful with them. Jerome has a
nice, smooth delivery. I believe on any given day he can throw 120 to 130
pitches, but not every time out like a more mature arm, like Jason
Felipe Alou, Giants manager, on rookie
Jerome Williams, after sending him out for 127 pitches (SF Chronicle)

“I’m getting older. As you get older, you do this
(cry) more… winning is very emotional to me. If it isn’t, you’re losing
the meaning of what winning is about. These games were very important to
George Steinbrenner, after being seen weeping in the
clubhouse after a win over the Red Sox (AOL Sports News)

“I know he swings at everything moving…”

Grady Little, Red Sox manager, on Randall Simon (Boston

“I want my strikeout-to-walk ratio to be 5 or 6 to 1,
and I want my ERA in the 1.00s to put on my bubblegum card… I can look
at that and be happy.”
–Foulke (SF Chronicle)

(Black players’) skin color is more conducive to heat
than it is for lighter skin people, right? You don’t see brothers running
around burnt. Yeah, that’s fact. I’m not making this stuff up. Right? You
don’t see some brothers walking around with white stuff [sun block] on
their ears and noses.
Dusty Baker, Cubs manager (Chicago

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