Let’s be clear; concise; first views and reviews. Let’s stay another night; watching you play under the lights; spelunking/sparkling; it’s important to be clear and concise; present day wondermenting

Hand over the bottom hand; power hunting; contacting; bat-to-ball relationshipping; hips explosive firing; it’s not cowardly to be afraid; we can’t all be saved

Remember when they called you celestial?; I might have mentioned it; non-casual; I’m not being casual; offensive stroke was sensual; captivating and captaining; exaggerated emotions from the geometric environmental

Call it some way that we can get to know you; call it when you can; it’s important to call it when you can; take a legendary stride; athletic parasailing

You arrived with a fancy tag; a fancy age –I think you showed up in a fancy age—prospecting; just doing a little light prospecting; excuse me while I engage in a little prospecting

Where are you? Machine gunning; wind-sprinting; pop pop pop pop popping; dodging it always; calling you always; place-kicking; atom-bombing; sensational in every way.

The gold; when we both get it; cash-boxing; inseaming the foundation of the fancy shot; squaring and squandering/picking and polishing; You wanted this life? You are not there yet, though; why –or why not? Stars are stars.

The top youth; yes better than that top youth; better than your top youth; you’re; spectacularing; a brilliant display of effervescent youthing

Previous; it was everything; you are the hero we hope for; we never played the hero; we accepted it; cooling; I’m the witness. Let me witness it; imperious; enter furious; impetuous.

Fielding; gloves growing into fingers; leathering; outfield grazing; attendance in complete admiration; adoration; how do you run so fast? Antelope-ing.

Finish it; fancy feelings and freedoming; lobby case-study on slobbering; I remember when I was told you were the best; apologies for the doubting; I was unaware; pouring and pouting; let us all buy a ticket for the show; Buxton-ing.

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This is why BP is the best. And JP is too.
A player with such a poetic game should have a nickname that suits: Lord Byron.
Step aside, Allen Ginsberg.
Ahhh, the joys of a man-crush. Been there, but I've learned to temper it after Joe Charbeneau broke my heart.
Sorry, Joe. I misspelled Charboneau.