As we hit the unofficial halfway point of the season, and a large number of BP Staff hit Denver this weekend, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you who come to visit Baseball Prospectus on a regular basis, and have supported us through your purchase of the Baseball Prospectus Annual, and your subscriptions to Baseball Prospectus Premium. We had very high goals for this year, and thanks to you, we’ve not only met our goals, we’ve dramatically exceeded any reasonable or unreasonable expectations we may have had. Thank you very much.

We’ve added a number of new team members who we hope you’ll enjoy reading, and over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be rolling out a number of new features and functionality that we hope you’ll enjoy, as well as taking steps to deal with the technical and operational challenges that inevitably come from rapid growth. We know that you have high expectations when you come to Baseball Prospectus, and we’re working very hard to earn your repeat patronage.

There are a lot of people behind the scenes at BP that don’t receive the attention they deserve, and so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their contributions, either at BP Online, BP Annual, BP Radio, BP Professional Services, or tireless support on a number of fronts.

Thanks to:

Dave Pease Greg Spira Chaim Bloom
Keith Woolner Michael Wolverton Cliff Roscow
Jonah Keri Clay Davenport Derek Zumsteg
Ryan Wilkins Nate Silver Dayn Perry
Zack Wolf Matt Szefc Jeff Bower
Jason Grady Chris Kahrl Mat Olkin
Keith Scherer Jeff Hildebrand Gary Gillette
James Click Rany Jazayerli Dennis Cleary
Mark Wolfson Jon Sciambi
John Mueller Chris Schofield Bill King
Felix Wisgo Jon Miller John Sickels
Jeff Pease Will
David Koppett
Paul Mahler Scott McCauley Joe
Doug Pappas Kathleen Dyson David
Peter Gammons Jayson Stark Allen Barra
Pat Arter Sydelle Kramer Sam Stoloff
Michael Lewis Boyd Nation Keith Law
Kevin Goldstein Pen & Palette Ted Frank
Mark Armour David Cameron Alex Belth
Angele Fauchier Cory Tan Steven Rubio
Rob Neyer Theron Skyles Eric Burak
Tod Johnson Eddie Epstein
Ted Fischer Stephen Goldman Jim Baker
Dan Young Will Quale

Photos may be approximate.

Again, thanks for your support of BP, please keep checking us out for new features and gadgets over the next few weeks and months, and please let us know if there’s something you’d like to see. You can reach us at


Gary Huckabay
Executive Vice President
Prospectus Entertainment Ventures, LLC