Paul Sporer and Doug Thorburn get into some of the finer points of mechanics, sequencing, and fatigue during the email section while also touching on a handful of prospects before diving into their Game of the Week against of pair of young studs. 



  • 0:00-5:18 – Intro
  • 5:19-1:10:21 – Emails
  • 1:11:07-2:37:10 – Game of the Week: Miller at Kershaw
  • 2:37:11-2:57:27 – GotW Pick
  • 2:57:28-3:06:00 – Doug Homework Turned: Justin Masterson
  • 3:06:01-3:16:26 – Homework Assigned
  • 3:16:27-3:25:03 – Show Close


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What's up with the cheap shots on my city, bros?
What city did we cheap shot? (it's three and a half show, sometimes I forget)

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