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A day late to this, so perhaps it's no longer apropos, but in terms of the Reinhart-Rogoff - if something happened to JAWS, I think there would be a huge backlash. The in-roads that Jay has made would be all washed away if there was a mistake in there somehow. In fact, I kind of feel like it did happen already and there were a large number of concerns here about it when WARP switched to the play-by-play defense data, I think. Suddenly, Alan Trammell and Ron Santo, who had been well above avg b/c defense, were slightly below (IIRC). It was slightly before Jay's move to SI and his Clubhouse Confidential appearances, so it remained a reasoned and polite debate here. If something were to happen and all of the sudden Tim Raines' numbers plummeted, I think there would be glee from JAWS' detractors and a generation-length rebirth of skepticism towards advanced metrics and HOF voting.