Let's get right to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Josh Hamilton, Los Angeles Angels – 20.09 seconds [video]
Considering how much has been written about the early struggles of Josh Hamilton in his new city, it seems sensible to highlight the first home run for his new ballclub. One thing to note: for as late into the season as Hamilton's struggles have continued, he still hit his first home run as an Angel two weeks earlier than Albert Pujols did in 2012. And, overall, Pujols ended up having a pretty decent year.

Slowest Trot: Wilin Rosario, Colorado Rockies – 27.75 seconds [video]
What got into Wilin Rosario last night? It was a nice home run, landing in the second deck of Petco's left-center field, and Rosario seemed to realize it. He watched it for a moment off the bat before beginning his trot. The pace began normally, with Rosario reaching first base in the nine-second range. Somewhere between second and third base, however, he slowed to a crawl. Twenty seconds had already elapsed before his foot touched third and he made the final turn. As of today, Rosario has the second slowest trot of the season.

Quickest Trot: Danny Espinosa, Washington Nationals – 18.31 seconds [video]
A nice speedy trot from Espinosa, who barely edged out Everth Cabrera (18.38 seconds) and Travis Hafner (18.95 seconds) for the quickest trot of the day.


All of Today's Trots

Wilin Rosario.....27.75	 Alejandro De Aza..21.7*
Mark Reynolds.....25.06	 Chris Carter......21.53
Adrian Gonzalez...24.7	 Justin Morneau....21.53
Jose Bautista.....24.58	 Martin Prado......21.39
Torii Hunter......23.89	 Ryan Flaherty.....21.22
Jhonny Peralta....23.77	 David Ross........21.16
Nick Markakis.....23.27	 Yan Gomes.........20.12
Michael Cuddyer...22.69	 Marlon Byrd.......20.1
Prince Fielder....22.26	 Josh Hamilton.....20.09
Nick Swisher......22.22	 Zack Cozart.......19.07
Nolan Reimold.....22.13	 Travis Hafner.....18.95
Dioner Navarro....22.09	 Everth Cabrera....18.38
Evan Gattis.......21.77	 Danny Espinosa....18.31
Vernon Wells......21.7	 Will Venable......N/A

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