No, not another forged argument, just a pair of interesting articles worth your time.

First up is Adam Kilgore's latest in the Washington Post, in which Kilgore takes a look at the Nationals' usage of analytics:

“I think our role in the organization more than anything is taking the information that we’ve got and understanding where it best fits in the process, how we can best leverage it. And most importantly, how it’s going to help us get better players and win more baseball games. That’s really what it comes down to. If I had to really capsulize what front-office jobs have become in this day and age, it’s really about understanding what information is out there and how best to use it.”

Then there's Tom Krasovic's always worthwhile Pink Pony Scouts Chat. Krasovic's cabal of scouts always provide a lot of informative and entertaining quips. Here's one:

"Really, as good of looking pitcher as anybody in spring training was Allen Webster. Oh hell, he could be an All-Star. He’s got an outstanding changeup. Gets up to 97, 98. His change with his velocity is devastating. He’s not far away."