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"YOLO Puig." - Sam Miller
Great stuff, guys. Count me among the Puig believers. But just for sake of completeness, I thought I'd share these excerpts from a Keith Law chat on March 21: >>> "Thoughts on Puig joining the crowded Dodger OF?" "The overrating of Puig based on a few weeks of spring training is one of this year's best non-story storylines." >>> "I know you are not that high on Puig. Other writers I have seen are comparing him to Bo Jackson and calling him a 5-tool impact player. What is it that you don't like about Puig?" "A five-tool player would have above-average or, preferably, plus tools in all five categories: hit, power, speed, glove, arm. The term is insanely overused in the media, usually about as accurately as it was used in 'Trouble with the Curve.' Puig has plus power. He might end up a plus hitter, although he's not that right now; it's a pretty quiet setup and swing, which is a positive, but I don't think his plate discipline is ready yet. He's an average runner down the line, I haven't seen him play a good corner OF, and I've seen him go from having arm strength to bouncing a throw to the cutoff man. That's not a five-tool guy and it sure as hell ain't Bo Jackson. An optimistic forecast might have him a 30-homer guy in a few years with a high average but just moderate OBPs, while playing adequate defense in left. That's a good player, but not a superstar. Also: When you hear a player compared to Bo Jackson, just stop listening." >>>>
Thanks, Dave. Appreciate the extra info
"When you hear a player compared to Bo Jackson, just stop listening." Great advice. Jackson was sui generis.