Back in January, we made you aware of the Starting Pitcher Guide being put together by myself and Doug Thorburn. We could not be more proud of the resultant book that checked in at over 108,000 words of starting pitcher goodness. In the end, there were 436 pitchers analyzed across the 30 organizations along with a supplemental Excel file of colored tiers covering starters and bullpens, including potential closers in waiting and high-strikeout studs who could offer value in holds leagues or even as a dollar guy at the backend of your AL/NL only pitching staff.

Last time out, we whet your appetite with a one player sample that showed the analysis from both myself and Doug on A’s phenom Jarrod Parker. Today, we are offering a full team sample covering the Washington Nationals for you to peruse in order to get an idea of what you will be getting with the SP Guide. It is now available for just $12 via PayPal.  This weekend and next will be the two biggest fantasy draft weekends of the season so get yours now.

I would also encourage non-fantasy players to check out the sample as well. I think the guide functions on a level that would no doubt enhance a fan’s enjoyment of the game even if they don’t partake in fantasy. If you want to better understand your home five or the mound men your favorite team is facing, then this is the book for you, too.