In today's modern age, we are spoiled as baseball fans when it comes to listening to radio broadcasts. As I compose this story, I am listening to the a radio broadcast of the Tigers and Braves playing a game about 30 miles from my house. Ten years ago, it would have been very tough to find any radio broadcast for spring training. Satellite or streaming radio does spoil us as fans today, but the terrestrial radio market is still alive. In fact, some odd outposts of North America are broadcasting radio games all throughout the baseball season. 

In terms of team affiliates, fans may remember the days when the Pittsburgh Pirates had a Triple-A affiliate in Honolulu, Hawaii. As the crow flies, that is a distance of 4,460 miles. Believe it or not, that is nearly matched by a current radio affiliate of the New York Yankees, 1080 KUDU AM in Anchorage, Alaska. Bronx, New York and Anchorage are 4,367 miles apart from one another. 

The image below (click to expand) shows the distance, in miles, between each team and its most distant radio affiliate, as well as the city where that affiliate is located. All affiliate data sources can be viewed here.