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Just a note, Rogers Centre utilizes the new generation field turf, not the thin carpet like surface. So far, the series has been very good. But I find it curious why the podcast would resort to unfunny giggling and smirking while talking their way through a potential AL East division winner.
While I agree with Matthew on the reason why AA chose this winter to massively upgrade, I think a second reason was tied to the NHL lockout. Even in summer, the Jays have to compete with hockey for attention. With hockey on hiatus, this was great timing for the team to make some noise.
I hate to complain, but there were so many uh's and ah's, false starts, incomplete thoughts and digressions that this is practically unlistenable. Can we get a little preparation before you go on the air? I have spent a few years in the radio industry as both management and on air and, if I had been this unprepared for a show, I would have been fired very quickly.