Some managers might have attempted it, but not Weaver. Weaver would have thought the thing through and figured out that, even if you try to have a lineup with nine Frank Robinsons, you're just shooting yourself in the foot. 

1. Frank Robinson, RF. Career .294/.389/.537 hitter, 12-time All-Star.

2. Brian Frank Robinson, SS. Career .227/.325/.306 hitter in five minor-league seasons, 1983-1987.

3. Franklin Tyler Robinson, C. Career .290 hitter in three Class-D seasons with Danville Dans and other teams, 1950-1952

4. Frank Robertson, 1B. Statistics unknown, Atlanta Crackers, 1917.

5. Frank Robison, CF. Unknown. 

6. Francis Robbins, LF. Career .104 hitter for Class-D Marion Presidents and Sandusky Sailors. 

7. Frank Roberson, 3B. Slugged .333 for Class-D Middlesboro Athletics, 1953. 

8. Francis Robertson, 2B. Statistics unknown, 1924 Oakland Oaks, 1926 Quincy Red Birds.

9. Franklin Robinson, P. 2.87 ERA, South Atlantic League, 1950.

Manager: Frank Robinson, 58-50, Class-D Marion Marauders, 1952. 

That lineup would be terrible. Weaver was right. Weaver was usually right.