Ben and Sam talk about why they haven't talked about the Reds more often, then discuss whether Anthony Rizzo has proved his critics wrong.

Episode 43: "The Under-the-Radar Reds/Was Anthony Rizzo's Scouting Report Wrong?"

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I am by no means a Reds fan, but the first half of this thing was pretty lame, guys. Second best record in baseball, an 11-game lead in their division, players overperforming everywhere on the roster, huge mismatch between Pythagorean record and the real thing, and you spend half of your time talking about what a flake Bronson Arroyo is?! Give me a break. The Rizzo segment, however, was very good.
I do remember reading about some mechanical adjustments that were made for Rizzo -- maybe in response to his inability to get good swings on (fast) fastballs. Found one mention around the time he came up to the majors mentioning his hands being "lower":
Quick season report from a longtime Reds fan who now roots for the Rays. The reason they win the division: Joey Votto-1B Age 28, .338/.467/.580 in 96 Games. Johnny Cueto--30 GS, 2.92 ERA, 17-9-- The Reds need to protect his arm so he doesn't flameout like Jose' Rijo's; BP 2012 PECOTA forecast for him: 0.2 WARP. Jay Bruce--RF, Age 25, .257/.332/.536 33 HR; dude can mash; half his games are in a bandbox. Brandon Phillips--2B Age 31 .289/.327/.445 at least adequate on defense. 15 SB 1 CS tell me he may be under-rated a bit. And since Sam & Ben talked so much about Bronson Arroyo--league average innings eater, and third starter at best in the post-season with the Reds. Him being a Jimmy Buffet fan has no baseball value.