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Here is a list of the past 20 Rookies of the Year in the American League, ranked by career WARP

  1. Derek Jeter, 63.1
  2. Carlos Beltran, 56.9
  3. Ichiro, 48.9
  4. Nomar Garciaparra, 46.5
  5. Tim Salmon, 42.9
  6. Justin Verlander, 27.0
  7. Evan Longoria, 24.7
  8. Dustin Pedroia, 19.8
  9. Marty Cordova, 13.7
  10. Huston Street, 10.0
  11. Eric Hinske, 7.2
  12. Bobby Crosby, 7.0
  13. Ben Grieve, 6.0
  14. Andrew Bailey, 3.9
  15. Bob Hamelin, 4.3
  16. Pat Listach, 4.3
  17. Angel Berroa, 4.2
  18. Kaz Sasaki, 3.5
  19. Neftali Feliz, 2.5
  20. Jeremy Hellickson, 0.3

Mike Trout's career WARP total is 7.4. Mike Trout's career WARP total is already the median WARP total of the past 20 American League Rookies of the Year. 

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I was kind of surprised that Marty Cordova was that high, but then again, I mostly remember him from his Red Sox days in my youth. Mike Trout is a monster that scoffs at petty human baubles and awards.
That would be a lot more impressive if the writers weren't such inept RoY voters.
To be fair, it's kind of a weird and arbitrary award, so it's tough to evaluate in my mind - kind of like voting to the All-Star game. Do you reward a guy with a limited peak, who might not be a future All-Star, but who's having a great year and played 162 games? Or do you go for the guy who played half a year and put up great rate stats, but has less counting numbers?

This year, obviously Mike Trout trumps everyone else in both categories. But in other years, the field is normally more open for debate, and unlike the other awards, the pool of players for RotY is very limited. Hence, you get stuff like Todd Hollandsworth as RotY. (I just kind of picked his name out of thin air as a "bad" award winner, I can't remember who he won it against.)
Exactly. Trout's amazing, but replace (e.g.) Listach with Kenny Lofton and you knock him down a notch.
Assuming Trout can get the extra .1 WARP in Sept, then Trout's age 20 season >= Eric Hinske's career. Awesome.
This is really a reminder of sic transit gloria mundi; a lot of those career numbers are about just how rapidly the award winners fell to earth, and/or were injured.